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Grot Cuttas
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Default Grot Cuttas

I have three old grot cuttas and was wondering how I could make them comply to the new codex. Obviously, there is no rokkit or big shoota but there are two power rams and a grot withj a blunderbuss. What would you think if i played them as rokkit buggies ( the two bif rams being the rokkits ) with grot riggers in agame? Think it is exceptable?
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Default Re: Grot Cuttas

If you are referring to the old Gorka Morka three wheeled sail propelled Grot Rigs, I have seen them used as Rokkit Warbuggies before in an all Grot themed army army. I see no issue with using them as such. Just tell your opponent up front.

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Default Re: Grot Cuttas

Yep - gorks morka. I had two sets and I'm slowly painting all the grots and cuttas. I might have about 40-42 very nice grots done up when i'm finished. now i need to find some nice riggers and paint up a few runtherds. I want the one with the megaphone!

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