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battle wagons----fisrt of gork and mork----tatics and modeling
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Default battle wagons----fisrt of gork and mork----tatics and modeling

ok it seems many ork players i have met has either got a battle wagon or is building a battle wagon.

this topic if where the more experienced orks can tell the not so experienced how to use battlewagons to their best.

this topic is also about how would you or how have you make a battlewagon look good.

two of the best film quotes EVER:

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Default Re: battle wagons----fisrt of gork and mork----tatics and modeling

Grandpa Ducky's Guide to Lootin'

Whenever I'm building something for my Orks, I try to live by The RED Code. What's that, you ask? It's an acronym for everything an Ork vehicles needs: Rivets, Engine, Dakka, and a RED paint job. Pretty clever, huh?

Rivets: I find riveting usually the most tedious part of constructions, but also the most rewarding. To make rivets you can simply use a hole punch and punch out little pieces of plasticard. I have two rivet hole punches, a 1/16" for fine detail rivets (such as those seen here, the nosecone of Stormboy's rokkit) and a 1/8 hole punch I use for structural rivets and also on tread links. You can nearly never have too many rivets on an Ork construct. On a scratch-built Gob-Smasha I've got, I think I used over 250 rivets on a model a little smaller than a Land Raider and it looks awesome.

Engine: Orks like to go fast and most models you're looting probably lack a good an' Orky engine. You can usually go one of two ways for this. My favorite way is to add an over-sized steam engine in replace of the vehicles normal power plant. Either add a big smoke stack coming out of a hatch of the vehicle and say that the boiler and everything are inside somewhere, or add a boiler on the back and have Grots serving it. Here's a picture of the latter on one of my WIP Ruzzbots. The boiler pictured there was simply made by taking a receipt tape roll (the rolls of paper used by most adding machines and cash registers), skinning it in plasticard, and then adding rivets and a little firebox hatch for the Grot. The Grot's one of the ones that comes with the Kannon. I swapped his wrench for a shovel from the IG Tank Accessory Spruce. Pretty simple stuff.

Your other option is too take an engine from another kit and slap it on your Wagon. The GW range certainly lacks in good engines, so you'll probably be stuck looking elsewhere like at the Acadmey Plastics or Tamiya. A lot of car models come with detailed engines so you could always loot one of those. Sadly, I'm partial to the steam engine method, so I can't give to much advice for this one.

Or, really, there's a third. You could scratch build your own engine. It wouldn't be easy, but it also wouldn't be too hard. Layered plasticard should work to build it up and I'm sure your bits boxes have enough gubbin in them to make it look proppa.

Dakka: What kind of Ork construct lacks dakka? Pretty much anything can be used to supply dakka to a Wagon. Raiding your bitz box will usually supply quite a few guns, extending some spare shootas will give you a good amount of Big Shootas and all of Gee-Dubs big gunz can be mounted on a Wagon easily enough. If you wanted to make your own guns, plastic tubing is the way to start. By clusting a bunch of small tubes (such as balloon sticks that can be bought at florists shops and party stores) together, you can make a crazy rotary big shoota or three larger tubes can make a rotary cannon. Your options are endless.

Also, hitting up a toy shop's a good way to score some nifty dakka. GI Joes and other action figures usually have some rather entertaining guns with them. Add a few glyphs and some bitz and your Orks have whatever they want.

Red Paint Job: Pretty simple here, huh? I don't think much need explaining.

Hope that helped someone,

-Grandpa Ducky

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Default Re: battle wagons----fisrt of gork and mork----tatics and modeling

I use this as either a battlewagon or a stompa..
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Default Re: battle wagons----fisrt of gork and mork----tatics and modeling

WHOA that is one hell of a well lets call it stompa trukk
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