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A looted vehicle upgrade kit
Old 27 Feb 2008, 16:52   #1 (permalink)
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Default A looted vehicle upgrade kit

I was just thinking about how many looted vehicle types there can be in 40k.
It would make sense for GW to put out a Looted vehicle kit, much like the DA and BT upgrade kit.

A lot of new people would not have the bitz and grubbins veteran players have, and they could package a kannon or something to make it more attractive to the vets.

Do you think this would sell?
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Default Re: A looted vehicle upgrade kit

I like the idea, but they already have that glyph pack out online. I think that's probably the closest we'll get to a looted vehicle kit.

If you're looking for various bits, though, I suggest picking up a box of Fantasy Orcs. You get all sorts of fun new choppas and it comes with something like eighty or sixty little shield glyphs, great for looted vehicles.

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Default Re: A looted vehicle upgrade kit

I think putting out a kit for looted vehicles would be too hard. Like, Ducky, is saying, glyphs can be had as it is now. Aside from glyphs, I don't really see any sort of standardized item the kit could contain that would be universal to whatever you choose to loot. Things like metal plates can be done simply with plasticard, so I wouldn't pay GW money for something like that.
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Default Re: A looted vehicle upgrade kit

well there are easy ways:
1.platicard (thick/thin)
2.random ork bitz or just any tank bitz
3.glyphs are goob too!

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