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The Waaagh of the heart
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Default The Waaagh of the heart

Well Iíve had a green spot in my heart since seeing the ork army in the Carnage! battle report in US WD 276. I got the old ork codex and read it, but never really started an ork army.

In early January I walked into a local GW (where Ged of Paragon works, neat huh?) and Iím looking around and on the storeís painting bench are some new orks, including the new Lootas. I ask the manager if theyíre some of the new ork models and he says yes and hands me the storeís copy of the new Codex. It might have been a prerelease copy as Iím not sure it was out to buy yet, but it already had the ďOFFICIAL GAMES WORKSHOP STORE COPY, LOOK INSIDEĒ sticker on it, so if the codex wasnít out yet it was coming soon. I leafed through it. The thing that struck me was the shear amount of fluff and background in it. It seemed to have more even than the other new style codex I own, the WFB Empire book. I glanced through the rest of it and then handed it back to the manager and went on with my merry day at the store.

Over the next month, that green spot in my heart launched a mighty WAAAGH!!!! It fell upon the rest of my heart and beat it into submission, at least for the most part. There are parts that are still loyal to my Imperial armies, but thatís okay. The orks love a good scrap.

Translation: With my Space Marines finished and my Guard force in the home stretch, I had the time and energy for a new side project and chose the orks. (Actually, I think my WFB Empire army will be taking a little longer because of this new ďside projectĒ but Gork and Mork call. :P)

So last weekend I finally made it back to the GW and picked up the ork codex and some boxed sets. As with my other forces Iíve started with the background. I actually started with this before I bought the stuff for the simple reason that I couldnít get back to the store. (Thatís why I start most of my armies by thinking up their background.)

As part of the background I wanted to integrate them with my other armies. Basically, I just wanted them to be able to fight each other, thus my orks will be located in the northeast of the galaxy, but based closer to the galactic core than my other armies.

While doing this I wanted to make sure that my new ork mini-empire didnít clash with any official ones, and I wanted to make sure that my other armiesí home worlds werenít poised for invasion by any other empire than the one I would create (itís just more fun that way). So I undertook a rough mapping of the ork empires of the galactic northeast. Itís an attempt to show the Waaaghs! and Empires from the new ork codex on the map in the 4th ed. rulebook.

Hereís the key:
1: The Great Tyrant of Jagga
2: Waaagh! Ghrax
3: Arch-Killa of Chrisios
4: The Grand Warlord
5: Waaagh! Bork
6: Ork domain of my creation, name TBD

I think everything hangs together pretty well and I hope itís useful to someone else as well. Iím also thinking that I might move my Space Marine chapterís home world (Arrivia) to make my new ork domain a bigger concern to them than The Great Warlordís Empire.

So as for my new domain, my warboss wonít be the head honcho, but one or two steps down. Iím still trying to decide what I want my warband to be like, which will determine the background of the ork domain. (Iím thinking a city fight orientation and a little bit of a kombined arms approach, so these orks will probably be an offshoot of the Goffs and part of the new and (from the Imperial perspective) troubling trend of smart orks. These ones might even use taktiks. :P)

Right now the place Iím feeling the pinch is Elites. So many cool choices and conversion opportunities and only three slots. Iím definitely taking a Warboss, so I can take any nobs I want as troops (Iíll probably only have points for one mob). So any advice on crafting the my new ork empire or on making up my list, particularly any advice on elites choices?
Thanks for reading,
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Default Re: The Waaagh of the heart

I've also just taken interest in orks. the new lootas and burrnas are very good and just beging for a conversion also the bickers are good so cheak those out. Personally im going with a big mek army. In my 500 point list ive got 5 burnas 5 lootas, 20 boyz a big mek and 2 killa kans ;D

Hope that helps
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Default Re: The Waaagh of the heart

WAARGH! Welcome to the warpath! Im starting my 4th ork army, still grinning. Youll love orks.
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Default Re: The Waaagh of the heart

Burnas are expensive for the cost, but you can always use tankbustas, despite their flaws. They are so random too sometimes, so they'll be fun to use.

Dont use meganobs unless you got battlewaggons/trukks, they are just SO slow, and normal nobs can get painboys too - and bikes if you will. >

Kommandos can be kool, but I tend to prefer more standard boys in trukks to get the same work done.
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