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New to orks.
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Default New to orks.

Yes, another player has fallen to the Ork mob, I picked up the new codex a few days ago. Read it just wanting to read the fluff. But i fell inlove with the codex, and i made the change from, so i would like some advise on how to get started. Is the ork battle force the way to go? or a different approach?

Regards C

^about bloody time =P
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Default Re: New to orks.

There's really not any set way to start a new Ork army, which is one of my favorite parts of the new 'dex. Using various HQ choices and characters, you can make some truly absurd armies. The two most common lists used, though, are either Foot-Sloggin' lists or Speed Freak lists.

Foot-Sloggin' armies are generally characterized by hordes and hordes of Boyz trudging across the board, Waaagh-ing merrily. While this army is about as subtle as a boot to the head and moves about as fast as a one legged squig, it more than makes up for it in krumpin' power. When your Boyz hit the enemy line, they hit hard. We're talking you're stuck rolling upward of 120 dice per mob. Yeah. Not much gets back up after that.

Foot-Sloggin' armies tend to go light on the vehicles - to squeeze in more boyz - but usually will have something fast to tie up those cursed Devestator Squads or Heavy Bolters, be it a squadron of Deffkoptaz or Biker Mob. It's always nice to include a Looted Wagon or Battle Wagon, too, if only for the ability to lay down some nice pie plates.

Speed Freak
armies the estranged cousins of the Foot-Slogger: they're still Orks, they're just different. Instead of loading up on the Boyz, a Speed Freak list is chucked full of fast stuff: Bikes, Trukk Boyz, Deffkoptas, Wagons of all kinds, et cetera. The goal of many Speed Freak players is have every model mounted in a vehicle at the start of the game. These armies move fast and utilize their speed and maneuverability to cross the board, where as a Foot Slogger would rely on pure numbers to survive.

That covers the main two lists, but then there's also variant lists using different HQ choices and Characters. For instance, you can take one mob of Nobs as a Troop choice for every one Warboss you take. The Big Mek can do the same with Deff Dreads and Wazzdakka can do the same with Biker Mobs. The possibilities are near endless.

My favorite if these simple Variant lists would be the Deffwing, named aptly after the Dark Angles infamous Deathwing. Using two Warboss to unlock two mobs of Mega Nobz as Troops and kitting out both Warbosses with their own Mega-Armour, it's possible to field an entire Ork army with 2+ saves. If the Speed Freak's list was the estranged cousin to the Foot-Sloggin' army, then the Deffwing is the Foot-Slogger's father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate. Where as a 1000 point Foot-Sloggin' list may have upward of 150 Boyz, a 1000 point Deffwing army has something around 20-odd. Quite a difference.

Other variant lists include Da Green Skarz (Wazdakka and Warboss as HW, nothing but bikes), Dread Mobs (Big Meks as HQs, allowing two Deff Dreads to be taken as troops, nothing else but Dreads and Kans, and Necroks (Mad Doc Grotsnik as HQ, allowing all Orks to have Cybork bodies).

Those listed above are just a couple of options, though. There are near endless possibilities for the mixing and matching of HQ's and Characters in the Codex.

Summing that all up, what to buy really depends on how you want to play.

Hope that helped,

-Grandpa Ducky


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Default Re: New to orks.

Add to the the characteristics in painting as you choose a tribe. There are no rules to add there but the conversion possibilities are sweet. Bad moon speed freak army? All black vehicles and yellow flames or vice versa. Bad moon flash git and elite army, "expensive hardware"-style? Goff mobs? Checkered ard boys and nobs running up the field - Or the flash git/loota boys squads in a blue painted army of the skullz? Snakebite hordes with 30ish feather decorated boys suddenly deepstriking with the warpheads? Evil Sunz' in a mish mash of fast and notsofast machines?

Variations of the tribes, perhaps with a twist of your own makes it worth it. Personally I field Bad Moons with lotz of trukks and bikez and looted and orkified boomgunning "lemun-rosses" with yellow flames on the side. HOAH! >


I didnt answer the question, so there. The battleforce is a nice selection of usefulness. The box contains 20 Ork Boyz with weapon options, 3 Ork warbikes & 1 Trukk. Its not a big force, but it gives you something to start with. Besides this, you would want a warboss and possibly some nobs with claws. Its a good start, (almost) no matter where you want to go/what tribe/tactics you want.

Start out with the dex and read it thoroughly first though.
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