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Lootas or Burnas
View Poll Results: I bought a spearhead box. What would you suggest? Lootas or Burnas.
Build 5 lootas 12 54.55%
Build 5 burnas 7 31.82%
Build a few of both 3 13.64%
Voters: 22. You may not vote on this poll

Old 18 Feb 2008, 17:49   #11 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Lootas or Burnas

I recently saw a Unit of Burnaboyz in a Battle Wagon do some ugly stuff to some Black Templars. I am a fan of BBQed Space Maries after all. That said I think that without the Battle Wagon transport, Lootas are the way to go.

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Default Re: Lootas or Burnas

And the best bit about the burna boyz is that you can fasion them out of the odds and ends of your bitz box - dark eldar plumes for flames, paper clips for fuel lines, space marine back packs for fuel containers, random bits from around the house for more fuel containers.

Just a matter of sticking a load of bits on a big shoota so it looks like a burna!! Im seriously thinknig about converting a squad of shoota boyz (that have no real place in a speed freek list if we are honest) into burna boyz!!
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Default Re: Lootas or Burnas

Several of my Orks are armed with Imperial Guard flamers with power-bayonets...but I guess I need to convert more of them because of the not being able to take them in regular mobz now.
Anyway, my wife plays Slaanesh so I HAVE to play Khorne-bebe
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