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Lobbas are my new best friend
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Default Lobbas are my new best friend

My 3 Lobbas are my new best friend for the following reasons:

1. Ranging shot gets direct hits 90% of the time
2. The followup shots get direct hits 90% of the time.
3. No extra krew is needed since you don't need line of sight.
4. Their range can let you hit next to everything on the board
5. Dirt cheap point wise.
6. Always get their points back if not two or three times the amount.
7. They are manned by grots.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Lobbas are my new best friend

not to take the wind out of your sales but there are alot of things that look really cool on paper but don't hold their own in games I havent played with lobba's before but you might want to back up your claims wiht a Batrep or two because the orks need more of those because all of our old ones don't count any more
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Default Re: Lobbas are my new best friend

I've been thinking about getting some big guns, but I can't decide whether I want lobbas or cannons.

Cannons are more versatile in ammo - but needs to be in the open.

Lobbas have 12" better range, they need no LOS and they still pack a punch - but their AP is bad.

I have a single lobba and - suffice to say, it has had some legendary shots. Their potential is quite nice to soften up say, fire warrior combat lines while the trukks speed up the field and so on.

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Default Re: Lobbas are my new best friend

I pretty much always run a battery of Lobbas in my list and they overall just sit there and try to look cool. They sound amazing on paper, it's just that when you get them on the table, I find them distinctly underwhelming.

In response to your points:
1 and 2: I don't see how you've come to this number... ?
3: I'm sure you'll want some extra crew once those mortars start firing back.
4: I guess it really depends on the size of the table you're playing on...
5: This is true. ;D
6: I think I've only once seen my Lobbas win back their points and that was in a miraculous game against the Tau...
7: I don't think this really helps them in any way... Does it?

Sorry to rain on your parade,

-Grandpa Ducky

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Old 07 Feb 2008, 11:16   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: Lobbas are my new best friend

The one time I've used them so far, the pair that I had probably killed 4-5 Necron Warriors.
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Old 07 Feb 2008, 13:05   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: Lobbas are my new best friend

Here is a battlerep Vercingatorix http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=60408.0 and in this game they killed 6 Dire Avengers for 132pts, which is just shy of doubling their points back.
Had a game the other night with my 1000pt Blood Axe Kult of Speed (http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=60513.0list ) against Col Shaffer's Last Chancers. In this game they killed 7 out of an 8 man autocannon squad, and killed 1 Ogryn with another losing 2 wounds. I don't have a Imerial Guard Codex but that is a hefty amount of points. Battlerep to come when I get a chance to write up one.

As for my comments Grandpa Ducky on them hitting 90% of the time will that is just what I have been rolling over the course of 2 games. With them Firing a grand total of 10 turns they have got direct hits for their ranging shot 9 of them and with the salvo shots 9 of them have hit as well. That is some scary luck and yes it will run out but till then "Shots Fired!!!" I have yet to use them on a 6 x 8 table as most of the games I play are under 1000pts and generally are agaist, Tau, IG and eldar. With opponents like that lobbas do wonders. Nope I don't want a single extra point spent on my lobba krew even if my guard opponent fields his motars. By keeping them dirt cheap I save on point and make them less of a high value target. Finally Grandpa Ducky my comment on them being grots is in reference to me liking grots. Come on who doesn't like to thump a grot every now and again.

Esque the reason I don't like the Kannon is that it is too similar to rokkits with the one type of round and the blast round is just a lower strength lobba in my mind.

Oh and Scoutfox it was your Battlerep that inspired me to finally use my Lobbas...thanks for the push.

Note: I plan on writing a tactica on them after a few mre games since I found something extremely valueable about them that I haven't meantioned yet.
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Default Re: Lobbas are my new best friend

The only thing better than one battery of Lobbas is two or even three batteries of Lobbas! I have been taking at least two batteries now for almost a year. They help out tremendously in allowing me to hit the "No See Ums".

When I play against Tyranids, the Genestealers are always a prime target. If your opponent hasn't given them Extended Carapace for the extra point in armour save, then a Lobba is an insta kill on them. Most of the time the Nid players put their Genestealers in the backround, knowing that their fleet of foot rule can bring them up quick. Knocking two, three or even four Genestealers out of a Brood helps tremendously in dealing with the assault your likely to face from them.

With Tau, Units with Markerlights (Pathfinders) and Sniper Drone Teams are a prime target for Lobbas. Yes, Markerlights need line of sight for them to work. But I've found that many Tau players will use two full teams of Pathfinders set on each half of the board with a big piece of terrain in between. This blocks line of sight (both to and from) one half of the board. Lobbas are great for cutting the numbers of Markerlights from a team from eight down to a more manageable two or three in a hurry.

Lobbas are great against Guard, Eldar and Dark Eldar. They are not as effective against Space Marines. That's when you Bring the Kannons!

Best Regards,

Brunettes and Beer
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Old 09 Feb 2008, 23:33   #8 (permalink)
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Default Re: Lobbas are my new best friend

Vs. MEQs however, they fail to impress unfortunately...and with so many MEQ players out there, they aren't really that great...

There's no proper way to mathhammer a scatter shot, mainly because you have the 66% chance of scatter, but the blast radius is 1.25", so of that 66%, 5 out of 6 scatters will miss a singular target entirely while the other 1 of 6 becomes a partial; this however is mitigated when you have enough targets in dense enough concentration (e.g. if you're attacking a bunched-up assault mob after corraling them into a tight formatin with Deffkoptas)

The problem is their no-Seeum bonus costs 50% more than a base Kannon Mob, the Kannon Mob has more versatility, a potential 75% accuracy for the first two turns of shooting, and is still cheaper than the Lobbas. Other no-seeum threats, like Harlequins or Stealth Suit Teams or Assault Mobs in cover are much more easily dispatched of with a Skorcha-buggy unit. The real no-seeum threats, such as the Basilisk or Crisis Suit Teams with Missile Pods, are both generally difficult targets for the Lobbas to crack, for the Suits are small units with good toughness and saves, and since 4th ed rules necessitate a direct hit for full strength with blast weapons, using them for tankbusting is not that great a proposition.

Times like these, I wish Orks could still loot Griffon Mortars...
Anyway, my wife plays Slaanesh so I HAVE to play Khorne-bebe
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Default Re: Lobbas are my new best friend

There may be a lot of MEQ players where you are but for myself I play Tau, Eldar, IG on a regular basis. Agaist these armies and even other Ork armies they work great.
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Default Re: Lobbas are my new best friend

Yet again we have the "lol dis is Gay 4 MEH coz no AP 3!!!" :

My Griffon Mortar once won me the game by killing three Marines. All were in Assault Squads, which were subsequently pinned and thus unable to assault. These squads died messy deaths.

You don't need to ignore armour saves, you just need to know what to fire at.
Farewell, Kangaroo Joe, you shall not be forgotten.

Originally Posted by Tom Norman
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