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sneroplex 03 Feb 2008 20:09

So what do you guys think of the new nobs? With a painboss and cheap armour options and not having to be taken as a retinue they seem like a rather well-priced, hard hitting and resilient unit. Striking at I4 with WS5 can be huge against marines, and that power klaw hitting on 3's, yeeeouch! Big choppas ain't bad either, and you got kombi-skorchas to light things up.

I think they're great and can really go beyond the regular boyz in a few cases, for example against marines and genestealers. Oh and let's not forget the option to take another battlewagon as a dedicated transport.

With the loss of the old cyborks unit with a painboss, cybernobs seem like they're in order and would make for some great conversions.

Hyena031 03 Feb 2008 20:26

Re: Nobs
Personally I find the Nobs to be over priced when you consider one with a PK cost 45pts which is more expensive than a MegaArmoured Nob. With that said I would only consider taking a mob of them all kitted out with Big Choppas and MAYBE one PK nob in the mix if I knew I was going up agaist power armour. I would also consider a painboss a must because without one Nobs drop just as fast as a regular boy.

Nightmare 03 Feb 2008 21:12

Re: Nobs
I personally find Nobz to be one hell of a hard hitting unit - for not as much as Hyena made out (seriously - is there any need for the 3?). Despite the lack of the good old choppa 4+ ruling the nobz can still dish out some delicious damage without having to rely on power klaws (they were sooo last edition!). Big choppas make the nobz wound marines on 2+ even after the effect of furious charge has been lost. Combine it with eavy armour to greatly increase survivability and a unit of 5 will set you back 150 points, or 125 if you reckon you can do without the eavy armour. Thats 150 points for a total of 10 wounds and 15 strength 7 attacks on the charge! Couple it with a waargh banner and you are going to be rolling buckets of dice with low chances of failing. Who needs choppas?

sneroplex 04 Feb 2008 00:02

Re: Nobs
PK Nob vs Meganob:

PK Nob:
- is in a unit that can have less costly ablative wounds.
- unit can have feel no pain and invulnerable saves.
- does not suffer from the slow and purposeful rules, which are lame to the extreme.
- has +1 attack from a slugga.
- can have WS5, hitting on 3's against WS4 opponent's like marines.
- can fit more in a wartrukk.

- has a 2+ save
- better shooting
- everyone has a power klaw

On another comparison, 2 PK Nobs with a waaagh banner and charging costs 105 points, has 10 attacks hitting on 3's against marines. 3 Meganobs cost 120 points, have 9 attacks and hit only on 4's against marines.

So now that I'm done making the comparison, I believe 45 points is fair for a PK nob. Same price as last edition and everybody had them in their armies.

vercingatorix 04 Feb 2008 01:23

Re: Nobs
I believe that mega nobs are more worth it because the 2 plus save and if you wanted to have a hard hitting unit I think a combination would be a good Idea in a truck it would only be for higher games but something like
3 nobz painboy big choppas cybork body waaagh! banner
3 meganobz 120
but all of those together in a truck and the nobz with invuls can take the wounds and the mega armored can take the non power weapons essentially combing the strenghs and weakness of each unit for a unit that has on the charge 15 str 5 in 4 WS 5 feel no pain 5+ invul and 12 pk WS 4 str 9 or 10 I don't know whether or not you add 1 str than double it or double it than add one. Its a pretty nasty unit for 250 pts plus transport

sneroplex 04 Feb 2008 04:40

Re: Nobs
You can't put them both in the same trukk, however you could run two separate trukks to get them both on the same unit.

The +1 strength for charging is not doubled from the power klaw, this is covered in the main rulebook where it states only the base strength is doubled and any further modifiers are added on top.

vercingatorix 04 Feb 2008 12:53

Re: Nobs
you could put them all in a looted wagon however and have the stuff with invuls attack the seargent side of the squad and the guys without attack the normal stuff correct?

Hyena031 04 Feb 2008 12:58

Re: Nobs
No only one squad at a time may ride in a transport. The only way to get two units in a transport is to attach an independent character to a squad.

Thor{DoH} 04 Feb 2008 18:05

Re: Nobs
I wouldn't dare to put them in a Looted Wagon, thing is a death trap waiting to happen for such an expensive unit. Your best bet is either a Trukk or a Battlewagon for transport. The Looted Wagon barely beats a Trukk for armor but is half as fast, hardly a fair trade off in my view. Course the Battlewagon has the armor to make up for its slowness, but is expensive, so not an option for all games.

vercingatorix 04 Feb 2008 19:07

Re: Nobs
I don't understand why you can't have 2 units in the same transport I don't actually own the rulebook but I am assuming that you mean it says specifically in there that two units that fit in a transport cannot ride together it's not that I don't believe I just want to see where the rule is next time I go to the store.

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