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starting orks
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Kroot Shaper
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Default starting orks

So I made my decision for a new army. I am going with orks. I want to have a ton of boys. But I also want some bikes. So would it be a good Idea to take some bikes with about 100 boys in like a 1k game
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Default Re: starting orks

100 boys and bikes in 1K... bugger, that might actually be a damn scary army!

In 1K, the Boyz Brigade is definately a viable choice. I get the impression you're looking for Footsloggers, so let's look at what you can get...

First thing's first; your Nobz. Nobz rock. Give one a Power Klaw, and he'll do a lot of damage. Best of all, he can't be singled out in combat, meaning he's very nasty indeed!

Now, your Boyz. As tempting as it may be to go all out on Slugga Boyz, consider having a squad or two of Shoota Boyz. As their weapons are Assault, not Rapid Fire, they don't suffer penalties for moving, and can charge on the turn they shoot! They aren't accurate, but everything counts in large amounts. On that note, your units are Fearless if they have 12 or more models in them, so it might well pay off to take big Mobz!

Warbikes are seriously nasty units. They have good shooting (for Orks), they are very hard to kill, and they're pretty cheap for what they do. Warbikers can cause utter chaos if used right, though it's wise to have a Trukk Boyz mob (Boyz in a Trukk), or some Warbuggies / Deffkoptas / etc. that can keep up with them, otherwise they'll be singled out and hammered in short order.

Remember, if you're going to go all out with Boyz, don't go half-hearted; everything counts in large amounts!
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