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Codex: Ork Angels
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Default Codex: Ork Angels

If there's one thing I love, it's all those whacky variant armies Space Marine players get.

If there's one thing I love even more, it's the look on their face when someone else can do it too...

Today, Masta Mek Grozkrugga presents 104% legal rules (Orks can't add up) that allow you to field all manner of whacky armies. I'm sure other people have thought of these already, and as such any who feel I'm stealing their ideas can step forward, and get their 'ead kicked in until they change their minds, or pass out. Ah, Orkish politics, how we love your subtle machinations...

Who Are Dey? Ravensquig armies are much like Ravenwing, only better in every way (obviously!). The emphasis is in bikes, fast stuff, and... err... bikes.

Wots Dat Den? Ravensquigs are Squigs, but with wings. They're really fast (probably), and so Ravensquig armies like to be fast too. Since Ravensquigs who have big, 'eavy stuff tied to them tend to flap around uselessly (though that is really funny!), Ravensquig armies have adopted the same "No 'eavy stuff!" mindset, and scream along with only the fastest and funnest bits of gear they can find!

How'd we do it? In order to field Ravensquig, you need to adhere to some fairly tight limitations. The "pure" Ravenwing has but four elements; the Master, Bikes, Attack Bikes and Land Speeders. With that in mind, the Ravensquig army is built to mirror these traits.
The following limitations apply to Ravensquig:
  • The army must be led by Wazdakka Gutsmek (Masta of Da Ravensquig).
  • You may take a Warboss (on Bike) or a Big Mek (on Bike) as your second HQ choices.
  • Only Nob Bikers may be taken as Elites.
  • Only Warbikers may be taken as Troops.
  • Warbuggies/Trakks/Scorchas and Deffkoptas are the only Elites available.
  • You may not field any other units (so no Heavy Support!).

Who Are Dey? Deffwind are an army for people who like big, tuff, tanky type people. Much like the "Pure" Deathwing armies of the Space Marines, Deffwind seeks to crump anything that isn't in 2+ armour, and they started on their own lads!

Wots Dat Den? Deffwind armies get their name from the traditional Ol' Skungbung's Squig Vindaloo Night down at the local bar. Whilst a source of much fun and hilarity, inevitably some drunken Warboss would leave his keys in the pub, and thus be left stood beside his shiny new Kustom Wheelz looking a burke. Alas, the sheer stench of the flatulence from all the Vindaloo meant that only the toughest of Orks could enter; even a normal Nob would pass out from the smell! Thus, kitted out with Mega Armour and Adamantium Nosepegs, the Deffwind Mobs would enter these forsaken places, rescue the keys, and race away in style.

Of course, all that shiny Gubbinz is great for stomping people on the battlefield as well.

How'd we do it? Deffwind armies are limited to the following units:
  • The army must contain two Mega Armoured Warbosses. One of these may be Ghazghkull Thraka.
  • You must take two Meganobz units as Troops. You may have 0-3 additional Meganobz units as Elites.
  • You may not take any Fast Attack units (too flimsy!)
  • You may only take Battlewagons and Deff Dreads as Heavy Support.

Who Are Dey? Necrorks are proof that if anyone can do it, Orks can do it better! Whilst some might claim that Necrons are tougher than Orks (yeah, right!), there's no denying you can get a lot more Orks than you can Necrons! The result is an army that doesn't take a hint, or directions, or any notice of oncoming traffic...

Wots Dat Den? Necrorks are an army of robotic warriors. Once they were like normal Orks, but after a long and terrible war, they were all too badly injured to run away when Mad Dok Grotsnik showed up, and the next morning they all woke up with Cybork Bodies, and Squig Brain Transplants. Now a former shadow of there mere selves, the Necrorks continue to fight at the command of their Creator... or rather, they would if the Squig Brain Transplant didn't give them the mental capacity of a cabbage. As it happens, Grotsnik just sort of hopes they all meander into a battlefield, and happen to kill something.

How'd we do it? Apply the following rules to your army:
  • The army must include the Necrork Lord, Mad Dok Grotsnik.
  • Everyone who can must take a Cybork Body. For those not paying attention, here's a list: Warboss, Big Mek, Nobs, Meganobs, Burna Boyz, Tankbustas, Lootas, Kommandos, Boyz, Gretchin (yes! Really!), Deff Koptas and Flash Gitz.
  • You may not include Stormboyz, Warbikers, Warbuggies/Trukks/Scorchas, Killa Kans or Battlewagons in the army (having a Squig Brain makes standing up hard, let alone flying / driving one of those things!).
  • You may not include Big Gunz; the Squig Brained Dreadnought stomped them all.
  • You may include one Squig Brained Dreadnought. This is a Deff Dread, but it's got a Squig piloting it. Oh dear...
  • You may not include Weirdboyz; Squig Brained Weirdboyz tend to undergo catastrophic 'Eadbanging the moment they're released!
  • you may include Looted Wagons. They must have a Boomgun.

For the purposes of "Propa Orky Katalogin", here are the correct terms for each unit in the Necrork Army:

Grotsnik = Da' Cuttin' (or "Da Decieva", because he promised it wouldn't 'urt!).
Warboss = Necrork Warlord.
Big Mek = Da Uvver Necrork Warlord.
Nobz = Immortalz.
Meganobz = Bigga Immortalz.
Burnas = Pyre'highers
Tankbustas = 'Eavy Destroyas.
Lootas = Destroyas.
Kommandos = Flayin' Gitz.
Boyz = Worrias.
Grotz = Scab Swarms.
Deff Koptas = Wraifs.
Flash Gitz = Err... More Destroyas. Shiny ones.
Looted Vehicles = Da Monolift.
Squig Brained Dreadnought = Run! It's comin' dis way!
Farewell, Kangaroo Joe, you shall not be forgotten.

Originally Posted by Tom Norman
"Wargamer is never wrong, Frodo Baggins; he knows precisely the rules he means to."
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Default Re: Codex: Ork Angels

Awesome. More words seem kinda, erhm, unnecessary to describe this...

Grotsnik = Da' Cuttin' (or "Da Decieva", because he promised it wouldn't 'urt!).
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Default Re: Codex: Ork Angels

Good job on this.
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Default Re: Codex: Ork Angels

I love the catalogue. Flash Gitz = Err... More Destroyas. Shiny ones. ;D

Nice job. Might think about fielding one of those some time.
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Default Re: Codex: Ork Angels

The necro orks sounds like it could offer some pritty cool conversions.

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Originally Posted by Farseer_Emlyn (working on campaign)
They may be laughing at your red paint jobs or bat-eared grots when you deploy, but after loosing a few units to "da green horde" they'll learn to take your sonz of funguz seriously.
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Default Re: Codex: Ork Angels

Very nice descriptions! I laughed at the Decieva and Squig Brained Dreadnought ;D
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Default Re: Codex: Ork Angels

Lock the steel doors and board the windows with ceramite...

The Squig brained Dred mob is coming for us all!

Great rules...

Dang! Who has PDF skills! This could soon become a Codex!
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Default Re: Codex: Ork Angels

Amazing, Wargamer. Simply amazing. Brilliant names, especially the Ravensquig one. Great, great work.

-Grandpa Ducky

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Default Re: Codex: Ork Angels

I don't want it to seem like I'm flattering you but that is art, simply amazing art. Keep up the good work
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Default Re: Codex: Ork Angels

Here we go again! ;D

Who Are Dey? Squigzilla armies are all about havin' da biggest, krumpiest Boyz ya can. Squigzilla armies recreate the joys of the Tyranid Monster army, with the Troops filled in by expendable little things, and everything else being a big plate o' Killy!

Wots Dat Den? The origins of Squigzilla stem from the Feral Ork tribes. After accidentally unleashing an Orkasaurus or twelve, the Orks learned two important things; first, having giant things stomping around causes lots of damage, and that it is really, really funny when Grots get in the way of them. Though Squiggoths are typically in short supply, never mind the mind-boggling Orkasauruses.es.es. so Orks have to make do with the biggest stuff they can get instead; the Deff Dread.

How'd we do it? Squgzilla is simple; make everything as big an' hard as you can! If it isn't on a Big Base (40mm+) then don't field it!
The main exception here is Gretchin. Gretchin should fill the compulsory Troop Choices; it's just really funny when they get in the way of something with size 30 boots!
Your HQs should be a pair of Big Meks. This allows you to field the compulsory five Deff Dreads (two troops, three Heavy). As Nidzilla can field six Carnifexes.es.es. you should aim for the full Five Dreads. We'd probably forgive you if you swapped one or two Dreads for Kan Mobs. Probably.
The Meks themselves should either be in Mega Armour, or have Shokk Attack Gunz. Be sure to include at least two Grot Mobs as well.
As for the rest of your army, Meganobz are the ideal Elite choice, and Deff Koptas are sort of like Raveners; the Tyranids move overground, the Koptas nosedive into the ground. Virtually the same thing, really.

Armoured Krumpany:
Who Are Dey? the Armoured Krumpany is an attempt to get as much vehicular gubbinz onto the field as possible, and use it to blow stuff up. If it's the enemy, all the better. That's it. Really, that's all there is to it. Honest.

Wots Dat Den? Armoured Krumpany was born when someone accidentally and not in any way on purpose cut the brakes on an entire Evil Sunz Clan's collection of vehicles before the big fight. The resulting mad dash for the enemy was thrilling, filled with noise, and ended in a mushroom cloud that was seen three planets away. The art of throwing vehicles at people was born, and it was forever known as the Armoured Krumpany.

How'd we do it? If it isn't a vehicle, tell it to sod off!
You will once again need both HQs here; if you're using a Warboss, use him to bring a Nobz Mob so you can get their Battlewagon. If you bring a Big Mek, field a Deff Dread as a Troop instead. This way, your Troops are either big, killy vehicles or riding a big, killy vehicle.
For your Heavies, you should have at least two Lemon Rusts (Looted Lemans with Boomguns) or two Battlewagons with Kill-kannon. Make sure you max out on your Heavy Support mind; that's where the best stuff is!
Elites offer Nob Mobz, and Nob Mobz offer more Battlewagons! These things might not have the biggest firepower, but when they role up and drop a load of angry Ork on the enemy doorstep, they will be noticed!
Farewell, Kangaroo Joe, you shall not be forgotten.

Originally Posted by Tom Norman
"Wargamer is never wrong, Frodo Baggins; he knows precisely the rules he means to."
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