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Gretchin shield
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Gretchin shield

I bought a very old white dwarf (about 168 I think) and there was a battle report between space marines and orkz. But what happened was the orks had a line of gretchin infront of their boys and the spacemarines had to shoot away the gretchin to get to the boys. So i was thinking a line of grots in front so the enemy would have to shoot them first of take target priority test. Will this work?

Captain lillithian
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Default Re: Gretchin shield

It will work, but not as well as it used to. Back then, we didn't have Target Priority tests, so you had no way to fire at the Orks until you killed the whole screening unit. In the current edition, the best you can hope for is a Target Priority test, but the Marines will usually pass it. So it isn't something you can rely on.
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Default Re: Gretchin shield

What Khanaris writes about is true (Second Edition - Wasn't it?). In addition, there has been a change in the Ork Codex of late that has also removed the old Grot Shield rule. In the old Ork Codex, a mob of Grots gave any following Mob of Orks the equivalent of a 5+ cover save. In explaining the logic of three foot tall Gretchin (AKA Grots, Goblins) giving cover to Orks that were five/six feet tall, we Orks players would offer theories about the Orks booting the Grots into the line of fire en masse ............. Ah, those were the days.

Many and numerous have been the laments of Orks players about Grot mobz now becoming obsolete with the removal of the living shield rule from the new Ork Codex. Personally I think that the Game Designers almost had no choice with the dropping of the point cost of a basic Ork down 33% to just six points each. Giving a 5+ cover save of any sort could lead to abuse. Games Workshop did keep the Kustom Force Field (KFF), which also allows for a 5+ cover save. But they doubled the points (to 50) and limited its ability to be carried to only the Big Mek HQ choice.

All in all, I think it was a good choice. In the games I've played thus far using the new Ork Codex, I no longer take a KFF. Yet with the greater number of Orks in my army (due to their low cost), I'm getting great Mobz of them now stuck into Hand to Hand.

Unlike some, I don't look on the Grots as being nerfed. There has been a set of big changes to the Slaver (or Runtherder) ................

A. One Slaver is needed for every ten Grots.

B. Squighounds are now included in the cost of the Slaver.

C. The Grot Prod is a new weapon that counts as being Poison tipped and always wounds on a 4+.

D. One can no longer load up a Slaver/Runtherder with all the Goodies that used to be available to the Nobz.

So the GodzillaNid Carnifex is coming towards your side of the table. Hit it with a mob of 30 Grots and three Slavers. The Slavers are armed with Grot Prods and Sluggas (two close Combat weapons) so that's three attacks for each Slaver (four on the Charge). That's nine Wacks each turn. You'll average four or five wounds a turn (ignoring the Carnies' Weapon Skill and Toughness). Then you wait for him to roll some snake eyes for his armour save. There's a better than even chance that you'll take the Carnie model below 50% of its' wounds for 1/2 victory points on the value of the Carnifex. In addition, unless the Nid player sends in help, you'll probably tie up the Carnifex for three or four turns (at least).

There is another useful place for Grot Mobz in the new Codex. It is not without irony that this role is still in front of the main Ork Mobz. With Orks now having Furious Charge it is even more important to get the charge for the +1 to the Orks strength (the +1 to the Ork's initiative does little, frankly). Use the Grotz to soak up charges to allow the Orks following behind to get both the +1 attack (charge Bonus) and the +1 Strength.

Best Regards,

Brunettes and Beer
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Default Re: Gretchin shield

Although with the points increase the KFF was also beafed up so now any ork unit with at least 1 model within 6 inches of the mek gets a 5+ cover save...

wins:21 Draws:9 Losses:8
Originally Posted by Farseer_Emlyn (working on campaign)
They may be laughing at your red paint jobs or bat-eared grots when you deploy, but after loosing a few units to "da green horde" they'll learn to take your sonz of funguz seriously.
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