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Duh Krumpinatuhz
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Default Duh Krumpinatuhz

Has anyone else thought of running a Cybork army? I have always loved The Good Doctors despite his... peculiarities but toughness 5, 3+ save, cybork body and a powerklaw ain't bad when he also allows orks w/ 5+ invulnerable saves.

I envision an army with atleast 2 squads of Meganobz, possibly a unit of Lootas, a "Skirmish line" of shooty Cyborks and then if I have the points left over, Battle Wagons for the squads and Flashgits, and maybe another Wagon just for the heck of it.

Has anyone else considered this, or am I the only one?
Space Marines may be lauded as the ultimate warriors, but it takes a real man to walk with carapace armor and a hell guninto battle, then do their job for them without any genetic hoo-ha
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Default Re: Duh Krumpinatuhz

If I was just starting orks I would totally do it for a themed army. I made 10 actually cyborks by combining the necron warrior sprue with the ork space boy sprue. The amount of possible models is endless. One of my guys looks like a mini scorpion.
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