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New Codex - Wots u all doin?
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Default New Codex - Wots u all doin?

Thoughts on new codex:


- new 36" ranged weppins v good
- reduction in price of Ork Boyz by 1/3
- deffkoptas !!


- no more looted imperyal weppins

My current army is a Boss, a Mek, 3 Mobz of 20 incl Nobz, 2 mobs of 20 Grots, plus an 'Ard Boyz and a Kommando mob, 2 units of Buggies, 1 of Bikes, a looted Basilisk and a unit of Gunz.

Instinct is to keep this rough structure (the Basilisk is now a looted wagon), add a Shokk gun to the Mek, and take the points saved in more fast stuff, esp Dethkoptas and StormBoyz. I may drop Grots now too.

Am tempted by Kanz tho.
cheekeigh mon-keigh
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Default Re: New Codex - Wots u all doin?

I like the new codex. While I haven't played with it yet - and probably won't for until Summer-time - I think it looks good. The amount of fun fluff is staggering as is the pretty new artwork. I like the new way the army list goes, especially the options to make Deffwing, Dreadmob, and total biker armies.

As for projects, I'm not working on much.


-A kit-bashed fighta-bomma that may get a tutorial, depending on how it turns out (Or if people want one...).
-Massive Stormboy mob(s?) to go with my Stormboy Tutorial.
-The Top Secret Project that'll only be top secret until the end of the Poorhammer competition.
-Twelve strong mob of Pirate Orks. ;D (Unforutnately the Stormboy Tutorial ate up most of my spare boyz so I'll need to buy even more...)
-Warbike Mob
-Three new Tukkz, two using the new GW Trukk, one scratch built.
-Ten strong Loota mob using GW's new kit. At least one Rokkit-powered and at least one Pirate-themed.
-Big Mek
-Flesh out most of my existing mobs and bring them up to accordance with the new Codex.
-Finish Wartrakk squadron that's been taunting me for the better half of a year.
-Base my entire army.

Arm'ad Kumpany
-Looted Sentinel.
-Ruzzbot command tank. Scratch built, enlarged, track assemblies and all sorts of fun gubbins based on a Russ hull.
-Possible Stompa (counts as Baneblade) project, still on the drawing boards

Rebel Grots
-Grot mob using some old fantasy Gobbos I picked up at a discount.
-Build shrines to Gork and Mork and pray for plastic Grots in the next Ork release.

-Figure out a way to create my own Mega Armour and make twenty Meganobz and two Mega Armour-clad Warbosses
-Loot a Land Raider Crusader I've got sitting around.

Miscellaneous Projects
-Some 'helpaz' for my tutorials.

-Grandpa Ducky

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Default Re: New Codex - Wots u all doin?

I love the new 'dex. Artwork, fluff, rules, the Orky humour... I had a chance to test the new toys yesterday (allied with Chaos Beakies to fight Black Templars). I seem to be cursed to fight only MEQ's but what can you do? :P

Some notes I made:

1. 'Ard Boyz are... 'ard. Their nifty save turned out to be a blessing. With the former chance to double your Orks' I gone, these boyz are very nice. Only one per army, though. Certainly going to pimp some Boyz up to make these...
2. Generic hand weapon and no choppa makes Ork Boy a dull Boy. Well, not exactly. I was just getting used to grump beakies in their tin cans by lowering their protectyveness a little. On the charge, we get S4 and a dung-load of Attacks (and not too few after-charge, too) and in a big mob, that should do it, more or less. Still, in the rounds after charging, your relatively humble S3 is pitted against T4 and the magical 3+ save. Always keep a power klawed Nob around to clip the Marine Boyz' up.
3. Snikrot is made of win. He nor his mob of Kommandos didn't do anything terribly tide-changing but Ambush is too cool to pass. Definitely going to field my Kommandos with him.

Great site for all DE stuff.
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