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Customising your warboss- how do you do it?
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Default Customising your warboss- how do you do it?

In the codex entry for the big boss it has a raft of options you can take for him BUT there are only 2 real "Warbosses" avalible for purchase, so what do you do? do you add things to the model or use other models that have those weopons and give 'im sum shiny trofeez like a hummie 'ead on a pole. Being new as a greenskin i just don't know how to do it. i was thinking of maybe using the komandos nob for it but how will i single it out from my actual komandos nob, and where can i find big choppas? (ork boy scratches his head) i fink i nead the brainboyz ta work it out. ???
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Default Re: Customising your warboss- how do you do it?

First, the komando nob is just too small to somehow be known as an great warboss. As Leader of your own whaaagh, its your duty to have the hugest choppas, the shootiest weapon, the biggest power claw, to simply be the biggest, stompiest ork. And if some other ork owns something greater, just kick off his ass. ;D

First step to build your own warboss is, to be clear what you want him to field. There are some things you can "outsource" on some little grotz, for example ammoruntz or a grot carrying a boss pole.

Second step is to know were to get all the bitz. The warbikerbox is full of cool cool bits. For example a big choppa, powerclaw, fancy looking shootaz (Dakka gunz) and of course a bike ;D. In the Lootaz box you can find a Ammorunt on a Backpack. And so on.

To get your boss higher simply attach some piece of plasticcard under his feet's, and let his muscles grow with a little bit of green stuff. The most important thing is that it looks choppy an stompy, and not that it looks like it good be work.

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Default Re: Customising your warboss- how do you do it?

Still, the Kommando Nob would be a start. Or rather, his head.

I plan on using this Cigar-smoking, cool-looking head for a head-transplant with my Warboss in Megaarmour. It can be ordered separately, so that`s no big deal.

Now I only need to find a way to make the Megaarmour of my Boss look bigger...
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Customising your warboss- how do you do it?

I bought the warboss, but then I ordered the pole with space marine heads and a nob power klaw. When I got him I glued the pole on his back instead of the bosspole, I put on the power Klaw. But the fun part was I detached the squig and its chain from the squig attack arm and put it on my boss's shoulder. So basically there is a squig jumping off his shoulder.
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Default Re: Customising your warboss- how do you do it?

Body: Ogre Tyrant.
Head: Black Orc steel orc head that is suppose to be a banner.
Left arm: Ghazghkull PK arm.
Right arm: Tyrants sword/arm.

This made my ork warboss look absolutely huge in size.
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