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My first game with orks
Old 17 Jan 2008, 21:46   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default My first game with orks

I played a 400p game with my friend, we both had not lpayed with them before so we didden't play any mission, so the mission was to eleminate the opponent. He was tyranids.

I had
warboss with PK
20 shoota boyz
20 slugga boyz
5 lootas

he had
3 warriors with 2 devourers 1 venom cannon, 4+save, +1 str, +1 bs.

16 gaunts with 5+ save

16 hormgaunts with 5+ save

He got the first turn, he rushed with all his guys and made 2 on hes fleet, on both units. The warriors shot with venom cannon at lootas. he got no hits.

My turn
All my boyz and warboss went forward, lootas shot at the warriors elemintaing 2 of them. My shoota boyz shot at the gaunts killing 8 of them!

His 2nd turn, he walked forward, they fleeted again, warriors shot at lootas killing 2, i passed morale test. His hormgaunts charged my sluggas, killing 4 sluggas, I killed 3 hormgaunts. I passed test.

My 2nd turn my lootas shot at the warrior, killed it. shoota boys shot at the gaunts, killing 5, he fled, he had only 5 morale since warriors where dead. Warboss charged in to the hormagaunts killing 2. Gaunts killed 2 boys, my boyz killed some and then i won.

I don't know but it was like my orks where alot better than the tyranids, but i had a great luck at my furst turn killing 2 warriors...

And btw i need to know, how is it working in assualt when 2 units vs 1 units, is it that the 1 unit will choce where he will strike and not on both? thats how we played. So one of the 2 units don't get attacks back, but are we wrong?
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Default Re: My first game with orks

Page 45 in the BGB will answer you on multiple combats, but by the sounds of it you were doing it wrong. I can't really explain it without breaking rules, but you can attack more then one unit.
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Old 17 Jan 2008, 21:57   #3 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 74
Default Re: My first game with orks

Okay thank you, then his horm gaunts would killed some wounds or killed my warboss. I will check it up.
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Default Re: My first game with orks

Good win anyways. If it seems like your orks are superior, then you are quite right. If all he had was warriors and gaunts, and you busted the warriors with the lootas, he just had gaunts. He really needs vast number of gaunts to win against orks. Orks simply have too many attacks to be easily swamped.

My money would have been on you anyways.
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