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Default Dakkagun

P46: AP5 assault3
P104: AP4 assault 2

which is it?

Ordinarily we ask that you not post statlines from the codex, but I think this is an exception. I am surprised there is not already an errata on this one. :-\ - Khanaris
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Default Re: Dakkagun

Wow good find, I just checked my codex and there it is. What an awful typo. The sad thing is we still don't know exactly which one it should be!

Page 89 in the wargear section says to refer to page 46, so I guess that's 2 vs 1. I'd take an extra shot over a point of AP any day.
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Default Re: Dakkagun

They messed up the KMB stats also in the last codex, the reference sheet didn't match the codex entry. In that case the entry was right, the reference wrong, so I'd say this is the same thing.
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Default Re: Dakkagun

I'd go with the extra shot, They've been three shots for a while (short ranged big shootas)

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Default Re: Dakkagun

way to be Games workshop that really confuses everyone now especially because if it was a typo than they might accidently say str 6 instead of str 5 but because they are different in many ways you don't know which one to pick
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Default Re: Dakkagun

I always assumed the codex entry to be correct in cases like this - the reference sheet is designed for quick reference, not in-depth rules, so I would have thought the codex entry takes precedence.

Mind you, we all know about the typo saying Railguns are Heavy 1... someone missed the 0 off the end
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Default Re: Dakkagun

Over at the Waaagh some one pointed out that the German GW site has some quick errata on the new Ork Codex.

It says that the Dakka gun is assault 3 and not 2.
I'm, going to assume that from this it is using the stats from the unit entry and will also be AP 5 instead.
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Default Re: Dakkagun

Very good find. Hopefully they get the English one up soon.
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Default Re: Dakkagun

p.34 Kustom Force Field:
Discritpion of the Kustom Force Field isnt really clear. Better is:
"All Units with at least one Modell in 6 inch range to the Mek gain a 5+ Cover Save."
p.99 Tankbusta Profil:
Replace in "Wargear" the term "Tankbuster" with "Bazzukaz".
p.101 Waaghbikanob-Profil:
Waaaghbikanob have 2 wounds .
p.103 Megawummen-Eintrag; Runtherd-Profil:
The Runtherd-Profil on this page is incorrect. Replace with the Runtherd-Profil, you find on page 50 and 104.
p.104 Weaponprofiltable:
Dakkawummen are assault 3 as mentioned in the Codex before.
So far a quick translation of the quick Errata. But as an owner of the german codex, i have to say that it is terrible written with many spelling errors. For example on the back is Codeex written instead of Codex.
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Default Re: Dakkagun

As above, I'd let the posting of statlines pass here too.

Anyhow, out of curiosity, I had a look at the Ork Codex today at GW and had talk to a staffer about it, apparently if theres a discrepancy.. the summary is the one that's wrong - so I guess the Page 46 statline is the correct one (the above FAQ doesn't seem to mention the AP, just the Assault 3 bit).
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