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Had a game with the new orks dex
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Had a game with the new orks dex

From today i was a proud owner of the new orkz dex and i am happy to see they are better than the old dex so here is my gaming experience against a chaos marine army with stuff from the new dex

Big choppa
attack squig

well for seeings as this guy is quite cheap for a 2k game i found him to be a killing machine some trusty character fighting battle went on with my Ork warboss charging his chaos lord ending in my victory lossing 2 wounds in the process but still a great bargin for points


now were to start these orkz in my opinion are now pretty much the best orkz in the codex being capable to take out anything with shooting except the toughest of vehicles, these guyz and there deffgunz rock even if they do miss half the time ;D lol for to use hard to kill a must have for an ork army now stick these guys in some terain and blast away


ah yes not a better unit to acompany your warboss into battle

Slugga boyz

Sluggas boyz...... well there cheaper than the old dex meaning you can field them in vastly biger numbers than you could before which can frighten your foes into making wrong decisions small units a trukk is a must have for them, large units well the enemy try and focus on this one unit and ignore the rest of your army so this helps your other boyz close in for the kill

Shoota boyz

Again same as slugga boyz, great now you can have them in larger numbers


Random scatter is funny thats all im saying for these :-X


these didnt really work for me.As i found out ordanace isnt my friend especially when it comes in the form of a vindicator damn chaos getting them!

Battle wagon
ZZap gun
4 Big shootas
'ard case

great combination lots of shots solid front armour ,can carry big squads into battle, can kill tanks and men all that for under 150 points i like the sound of that ,works well on chaos marines anyway

Flash Gitz? ???

OK there stat line is just weird taking a squad of these with a pain boy is definatly worth it but there ment to be shooty right? i found them more usful in combat lol

And last but not least......

Killa cans

these are generally fun to use but i found they generally were fire magnets fun blowing up tanks though with rokkit launchas

All in all it was a good game and i had a very good feel for all the units i used in the game i hope this helps people to decide what they want for there orkz armies and i hope to here how the new codex goes for other people

Gaming history with favourite quotes

Chaos ;D "I Will never face defeat charge!!!"
Played 79

Tau "you do realise that fusion blaster just blew up your land raider yes?"
played 17
win 10
lose 6
draw 1

and now
Orks " how does 20 shots with 80 attacks on the charge sound to your powerfist terminators ?"
played 3
win 3
lose 0
draw 0
not forgetting...
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Default Re: Had a game with the new orks dex

After seeing what is great about the new Ork Dex, I want to start Orks, but
I'm starting their Fantasy counterparts. :P

Anyway, the new Ork dex, I agree, is better than thew old one.

Now... If GW would kindly resurrect GorkaMorka...
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Default Re: Had a game with the new orks dex

But they did

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Default Re: Had a game with the new orks dex

Great to see that you've had fun with the new dex, at least someone can beat chaos! :P

However I think your punctuation needs a bit of improvement, but meh you're an ork so.........-Brassdeamon14

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