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1000 point orks vs iron hands
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Default 1000 point orks vs iron hands

Played up a game last night -

Biker boss (power klaw, bike)
20 shoota boyz, PK nob, 2 rokkits
20 shoota boyz, PK nob, 2 rokkits
10 lootas
dethkopta w/ buzzsaw
dethkopta w/out
13 stormboyz + nob w/ powerklaw

Iron Hands:
Crazy librarian on bike w/ 2+ save, inv save, fear of darkness, might of heros
2x 5-man lascannon teams
2x techmarine (full harness) + 4 servitors (3 HB, 1 Plasmacannon)
Seige Dreadnought (dreadnought w/ inferno cannon, CCW/Heavy Flamer)

We played alpha take&hold. Board had a lot of cover saves through the middle, but nothing that blocked line of sight except buildings in each deployment zone.

The dethkoptas scouted forward and when I got first turn, were able to tie up one lascannon team and one techmarine team. The lootas killed all the other techmarine's servitors, leaving my opponent short on anti-horde stuff. Everyone else moved up.

The inferno cannon dropped a bunch of stormboyz, and both koptas went down. But they'd done their job. Lootas killed one lascannon team, and the stormboyz hit the dread, knocking out the inferno cannon.

The librarian charged the lootas, dropping three - they ran, but it put the librarian close enough to one shoota squad that they gakked him. The remaining techmarines jumped into the fight to save the dreadnought, and down went the stormboyz - taking one techmarine with them.

Dreadnought proceeds to massacre well, rolls up into my warboss and kills him too. Techmarine charges the other unit of shoota boyz, killing a handful before the nob drops him. Lootas rally and drop the last of the marines, and grot kannons do the dread in.

Iron Hands wiped out, orks have six scoring units left - two big shoota mobs, 3 kannons and the lootas.

Stuff to know:

We suck against 2+ saves now. Without the nob to PK stuff, anything with a 2+ save is ridiculously hard to drop - moreso if they're on a bike. His librarian shrugged off all the shots and attacks from a mob of shoota boyz (who charged), without a scratch. Without the PK-nob, his techmarines alone could have chewed through a bunch of boyz, because he swings first with a lot of attacks, so reduces the number of incoming hits as well as being hard to wound and good with saves. Big Choppas simply don't make the cut.

The deth koptas did what they were tasked to do. I think they're a must-bring unit for their ability to knock out one of your opponent's best shooty units early, even if it is for one turn. Though he had six heavy bolters in his army, none of them got to fire, and half of that is due to a dethkopta.

The storm boyz are wicked fast now. I got a turn two charge with inches to spare. With a little more luck on the vehicle damage tables (two pens on the dread on the charge, but rolled a '1' and '2&#39 they would have owned that side of the table.

The lone kannons are pretty cool. They cause more of a threat than they're worth at 20 points - if you're not using heavy support slots for anything else, consider bringing them along. They're a scoring unit in a pinch too.
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Default Re: 1000 point orks vs iron hands

Nice report, short and concise. I have a friend who plays Marines and I have the feeling that with our new codex he'll be fielding his Termies finally. I agree, we don't have much in the way of dealing with the 2+ saves, at least not reliably. The PK always comes to mind, but we all know that almost without fail the opponent will pull casualties so the PK has nothing. We have the KMB for AP2, but between BS2 and Gets Hot, it's far from reliable.

I don't think big choppas are bad, but they certainly aren't geard for swinging on things with 2+ and 3+ saves. If the dice gods favor you, just from shear volume of attacks you may down one, but nothing to count on.

Glad to see the Kannons worked for you. My list includes a battery of them also, so curious to test it out.
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