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+++Ork Fluff in the New Codex relating to the Tau+++
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Default +++Ork Fluff in the New Codex relating to the Tau+++

Right. On the Tau boards there is a thread about the New Ork Codex and bout how Farsight has suffered at the hands of the Orks. As I donít have a copy of the New Codex yet. Iíd like some of you to point me to what it actually says rather than the Ďtaintedí conjecture the Tau players have gleaned.

Basically What is the storyline regarding the Orks and Farsight from the end of Damocles. Please give a detailed account of what it says.

Have the Orks got access to Tau weaponry?
Did Farsight die?
Has the 40k timeline been moved to put Damocles up at 998.M41?
Did the Orks destroy 3 septs?
Who is the Ork leader doing this?
Does the Ork codex hint that Farsight has anything to do with Chaos?

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Default Re: +++Ork Fluff in the New Codex relating to the Tau+++

Orks tried to fight kroot as the orks think they are fun to fight, but tau stop it.
Grog Ironteef, Warchief of Aslanta declared war on the tau and lost horribly.
Grog came back with as much dakka as he could get and was destroying the tau until a manta killed Kaptin Badrukks flash gitz, who where doing most of the work, Badrukk ran off trying to destroy the manta.
Blood Axes convinced Grog to use tactics and bet the tau who evacuated Farsight.
They lost 3 septs and the Orks stole a lot of weapons.

Chaos isnt mentioned, and the timeline was left out of the list of when all the waaaghs occured.
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Default Re: +++Ork Fluff in the New Codex relating to the Tau+++

Ironteef did the oldest trick in da book and faked a retreat, a trick he was able to pull off because his Blood Axe Warbosses were willing to go with it. So when Farsights boys pursued the retreating Orks, they walked into an ambush, lost a lot of Warriors, then were chased back to their encampments which the Orks happily looted.

As for representing Looted Tau whutnots, Orks cannot actually take Tau Weapons per se but they can make good proxies or conversion pieces for Ork Weapons. At the moment, I'm working on making an army of Pirates that is a mix of Diggaboyz (Kroot Warriors dressed like Catachans), and Orks, meaning they carry a mix of Tau, Imperial, and Orky wutnotz.

For Big Shootas, they use long-barreled burst cannons. For Rokkit Launchas, they're Ork. Kustom Megablastas are dangerously overcharged Tau Plasma Rifles. Kannons are Imperial Missile Launchers. Loota Deffgunz are upgunned Tau Missile Pods or Pulse Rifles (deciding which atm). Dakkaguns are regular Burst Cannons, and Tankbusta Bomb Squigs are simply two-Grot teams (one with a big Seeker Missile it throws, another with a Markerlight).

A Kustom Forcefield is a Matrix of Shield Drones transmitting shield energy from a Mekboy's powerpack. Dok's Tools in a Nob Mob is the result of the Orks salvaging Drug Injectors from enough Crisis Suits, while Cybork Bodies are weakened Shield Generators.

Deffkoptas are bitz and pieces of Crisis Suits cut out and made into a crude mecha for particularly skilled Boyz. In general, the conversions will look something like left crisis suit arm carrying either a TL long-barreled Burst cannon, TL Rokkit Launchas, or a Plasma Rifle, while the right arm is a Power Klaw or Buzzsaw.

Anyway, my wife plays Slaanesh so I HAVE to play Khorne-bebe
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