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History of “Da Imitators” a Blood Axe Clan
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Default History of “Da Imitators” a Blood Axe Clan

History of “Da Imitators” a Blood Axe Clan

955.M41 - Skulkrot joins the Boss Snikrot on Armageddon as one of the original Red Skull Kommandos.* * Here he proves he is worth more than his teeth on several occasions by slipping behind the Imperial Lines to blow up vital installations.

989.M41 - Blaktoof the Overfiend of Octarius brokers a deal to hire Skulkrot to lead his Kommandos against Hive Fleet Leviathan.** Skullrot loses his right arm during the campaign against herd of Biovores that he successfully blows up.

991.M41 – Skulkrot breaks off ties to Blaktoof and establishes DA IMITATORS.** What he lacks in boyz is made back in tactics and the use of Kroot Mercenaries.

995.M41 – Skulkrot and Da Imitators begin a viciously raid Tau colonies.** Da Imitators’ reputation spreads as the Tau bodies pile up causing more and more Orks to join Skulkrot’s tribe.

996.M41 – Skulkrot and Da Imitators are bought by an unknown Chaos Renegades and disappear into the Warp.* It is widely speculated that Skulkrot felt another “Big Party” was about to occur due his great wealth and success.

Present Day – Skulkrot and Da Imitators emerge from warp with the Chaos Renegades known as the Brotherhood of Darkness.** During their time in the Warp The Brotherhood of Darkness tricked Skulkrot and his boyz into thinking that Nurgle & Khorne where Gork & Mork.* * With the help of* Fabius Bile The Brotherhood of Darkness conducts experiments on Da Imitators.* Both of these factors contribute to why Da Imitators’ skin tones are now Blood Red or Pale White.** Some of the Boy appear to "Feel No Pain" like Plague Marines do and all the boyz seem to have the "Furious" blood charge seen in Khorne Berzerkers.** No one is quite sure what to expect from this alliance except wide spread famine and bloodshed.** The Waaagghhh! of Da Imitators has begun.
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Default Re: History of “Da Imitators” a Blood Axe Clan

Nice job man. Reminds me that I really need to work on my fluff.
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Default Re: History of “Da Imitators” a Blood Axe Clan

Enjoyable read Doesn't sound to wrong either.
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