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Warbuggies Vs Deffkoptas
View Poll Results: could be the best option a warbuggie or a deffkopta for tank hunting??
Warbuggie 2 25.00%
Deffkopta 6 75.00%
Voters: 8. You may not vote on this poll

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Default Warbuggies Vs Deffkoptas

as it says what could be the best option??

On one side we have the Warbuggies with a paper armour and some upgrades, can have Tl rokkit launchas or skorchas max out for tank hunting can cost 55 points with red paint, grot riggers, armour paltes.

On the other side we have the Deffkoptas, with a T of 5 but can be instakilled by missile launchers or lasscannons (remember the ork have the T of a space marine :P ) and an ok save but donīt have Inv, is a scout so that is great, and TL rokkit launcha or Mega blasta, plus can add a buzzsaw for PK hits, a basic Deffkopta for tank hunting goes with TL rokkit launchas at 45 points, 10 points less.

Which is the best option???
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Default Re: Warbuggies Vs Deffkoptas

Well the death kopta can turbo boost in its scout move (no where says it can't), so can be on other side of table by turn one D:

but buggies are cool :P and can hide your truks if need be .

oh and that's way too many points and stats you have there for forum rules :P

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Default Re: Warbuggies Vs Deffkoptas

It depends what you want it for. You're mentioning tank hunting, so I assume that's your goal with either vehicle?

If it were me and I wanted to tank hunt, I'd pick the Deffkopta, for a few reasons. First, it has the scout rule so you can get yourself that much closer to your target from the get go. Second, they area treated as jetbikes so gain those advantages. These things should allow you to move relatively safely to your target and hit the rear armor.

If I were going to tank hunt with Deffkoptas then I'd get at least two of them. With two Deffkoptas and twin-linked rokkits, you should be able to take out your target quickly and hopefully get out of there after.
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Default Re: Warbuggies Vs Deffkoptas

An upside to the buggy is that it blocks line of site and can be used to help escot trukks loaded with boyz. Even if the lascannon penetrates or glances it still may only cause minimal dmg where if that lascannon wounds the Deffkopta then that it thats all for him.
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Default Re: Warbuggies Vs Deffkoptas

Dethkoptas are easily better.

Dethkoptas win because:
1) move over terrain with no risk.
2) get a scout move, allowing for first-turn assaults
3) they're more resistant to damage, with a built-in cover save, and good toughness.
4) They can tie things up in combat, preventing the enemy unit from firing
5) They can then hit&run out of the combat to let your units shoot back.
6) They can have buzzsaws, which give them good odds of winning many combats and allowing them to sweeping advance through enemy units.
7) You can run a larger group of them than you can with buggies
8) Vehicle squadrons are a liability anyway.
9) Some missions restrict vehicles from hold objectives - koptas aren't vehicles.

Buggies have uses if:
1) You want a skorcha - koptas cannot take them
2) You want to block line-of-sight with it, and model it big enough to do so.
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