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Kustom Mega Blasta vs Rokkit Launcha
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Default Kustom Mega Blasta vs Rokkit Launcha

I've never used a KMB before and started looking at it more in the new codex and found myself asking, is it worth upgrading a Mek from the stock KMB to a rokkit launcha? The Big Mek has no option for a rokkit launcha, however standard Meks do.

The reason I was pondering it is this. The KMB is now just an assault weapon with the gets hot rule. The stats on it are the same as a rokkit launcha but with slightly better AP. The AP on the KMB is the only reason I see taking it, great if you want to take out Termies and the like, but otherwise a rokkit launcha seems better suited. Even regarding Termies, with the new KMB I'd rather let my target make an armor save then chance negating it and killing myself, but maybe that's just me.

It just seems the KMB is all but useless now and the rokkit launcha is the far better all around weapon. You have to pay for the rokkit launcha since the KMB is the stock weapon, but I think I'll pay those few points to ensure I'm not taking myself out.
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Default Re: Kustom Mega Blasta vs Rokkit Launcha

Kustom Mega Blasta all the way...why pay for something that has a lower ap and the same strength. Plus the ability to kill youself screams ORK.
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Default Re: Kustom Mega Blasta vs Rokkit Launcha

Well, I answered the "why pay for something that has lower ap" part, at least my view. I can't argue that killing yourself is Orky, I fully agree, and I do love the randomness of the new Ork stuff, ramshackle, shokk attack gun, Weirdboyz, etc. However, the randomness of those things, though plain Orky, can also prove useful. You can turn an accidental Big Mek being teleported into something good (course not always), your Trukk can become a moving bomb into enemy lines, being forced to deepstrike by a Weirdboy could be a good thing!

To me, the positives from these things offset the outright bad elements, and then there's the gray elements I was mentioning above, oops things that can work out for you. However, the KMB's only advantage to a rokkit is the slightly better AP, that's it. So, wounding yourself with a gun is very Orky, no argument here, but I just don't see an offset of advantageous reasons to take it when a rokkit is an available option, other then not wanting to spend those points for it.

I'm not saying it's a useless gun, but it's definitely not the KMB of the 3rd edition codex.
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