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Ork Battlesuit Neurosis
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Default Ork Battlesuit Neurosis

I was wondering today, do Ork Deff Dread/Killa Kan pilots suffer Battlesuit Neurosis like Tau pilots do?

Tau Battlesuit pilots are completely patched-in to their XV-8's and XV-88's, when the sensory systems of the battlesuit link up completely with the pilot's. As a result, the pilot is able to have a great deal of manuverability, as he can move each part of his battlesuit like the corrosponding part of his body. However, over time, some battlesuit pilots develop a neurosis. It occurs when the pilot is out of his battlesuit, as he's unable to do things he (in an XV-8) would be able to, like fly+sustain heavy ammounts of damage. Some pilots go insane, while some outfit their suits for close quarters and suicide themselves in battle, wanting to die with glory than live a mundane life outside of their battlesuit.

Do Orks have a similar problem, or are the hard-wired systems of a Kan/Dread not as mind-altering?
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Default Re: Ork Battlesuit Neurosis

If I recall some dreads can be as simple to operate as having an ork sitting in a cockpit operating some levers and buttons, rather than being wired in.

As for the orks that do get wired into their machine, I'm sure they'd grow so attached to being big 'ard and stompy that they'd never want to get out again if given the option to do so.
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Default Re: Ork Battlesuit Neurosis

According to the new Dex, the Orks and Grots operating the Deffdreads and Killakans are hardwired into the machine, with cables in their brains and stuff.

Unlike Crisis Pilots, they can`t leave their machine, and neurosis is not the exception, but the norm. This is beautifully described in the new Ork Dex: "The Ork soon discovers that the downside to being completely encased in an impenetrable metal hull is being completely encased in an impenetrable metal hull", and that the new Dread needs some "runnin` in", which mainly consists of rampaging through the Ork settlement to get cope with the frustration of having to "eat" its meals through a straw....

So, very Orky there... ;D

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