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Deathskull Mega Armoured Nobz
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Default Deathskull Mega Armoured Nobz

I was going through my bit box yesterday and it has occured to me with all the spare ork heads I have left I could by a box of terminators and create a deathskull meganob mob. I already have a mob of meganobz but it's always nice to have the option. Clearly the reason terminator armour would be more like mega armour is the power source cannot be maintained and has to be replaced by an orky one.

I have spare klaws, guns, iron jaws etc. I would like to put Orky gubbins on cause they are still orcs! The question is has anyone else done this? Should I paint the armour a marine chapter or should I paint it in snakebite colours? Or a mix of both?
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Default Re: Deathskull Mega Armoured Nobz

This should be in the convertsion sectoin. Anyway, I think you cuold have it Bloo for deffskullz. But if its snakebites then NO, snakebites do NOT use megaarmor god no :O
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