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Grot empires - ultimate horde army!!!
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Default Grot empires - ultimate horde army!!!

In the 1st edition 40k gretchin(grots) had their own empires. I loved this idea.

Imagine the numbers to feild such an army. I have come up with some ideas for a Grot army. Models would show Grots carrying rokkits and melta guns on shoulders, two carrying heavy weopons. The general may be a killer Kan cause he's the toughest.

The army might still rely on Mekboyz(or grots with assisting mekboyz experience).

Grots might make use of squigs and snotlings since they are at a more 'at one' mentality with Grots!
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Default Re: Grot empires - ultimate horde army!!!

Grot Titan = Size of a Dreadnought.

Convert a Dreadnought to make it Orky.

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Default Re: Grot empires - ultimate horde army!!!

Its not a new idea. There are many army's of grots (most oftenly called "Rebel Grots") that are floating around forums such as The Waagh!!!. I think that Subzero made an army list in the House Rules forum. http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=13502.0"]Here is the link for his Codex[/url]

Good Luck!
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