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Ancient Orc Boss looking forward to Chrimbo!
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Default Ancient Orc Boss looking forward to Chrimbo!

Gweetingz fello Gween Skum!

I'm a newbie here, recently introduced to tau online by an old adversary. It's one of the best forums for 40k players I've seen. Even if I can't stand the blue faced gitz(Tau) I've picked up some great ideas from here.

I must say that having played the old, very potent orc army from the dark mellenium days I was very dissapointed to read the current book. Gone were the pulsa rokkits, the cyboars, force feild projekta's, kustom blasta's, deathskull loota's(old style) etc

I have to admit I took a break from 40k to return this year and grudgingly admit that wilst Orcs seem outclassed by the series of books being released that I've loved the whole new approach to them. Models are much more ...GRITTY... and ard!

In the old days (dark mellenium issue) I use to play the Orc boyz like a GW army and got absolutly toasted, photon flashed, assault cannonated etc.But when I played as a true gambler they were awesome!

For example:

The force feild projekta created an impenetrable brick wall 100 meters thick(50 inches) but lasted one turn and lasted each turn as long as a 4+ was rolled. As the gamble I deducted that every other game I would get more than one turn from it. Suddenly it was one of the best wargear in the game.

Pulsa rokkits were considered pooh by many people and I have to admit I didn't want them either. Thanks to their cost I stayed away. Guessing the range and then rolling dice according to the range(you would nominate so many dice to roll for the range) and roll a pulse range(2d6).
But I soon found that if you guess the range and devide it by 3.5 the PR got very accurate. Sure they went wrong sometimes but mostly I knocked half my opponants over for a turn and sometimes more. I had to give out hankies those days I can tell you.

I gave cheap characters plasma guns and crack ammo. Suddenly terminators with assault cannons or cyclone missile launchers were dying to basic weopons. It was lovely.

The list was endless and Orcs were a strong powerful army.

I feel in the new version they will be the same. Orcs are the gamblers army. Already I envision my Orcs in battlewagons racing up the feild, taking their chance through woods etc to get that suprise. Some will crash, some trukks will blow apart. But some will get through and rampage into the opponants lines.
You dont need religion to be sh1tty to each other...but it does help!
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Default Re: Ancient Orc Boss looking forward to Chrimbo!

Welcome to Tau Online, my fellow greenie. We need loadsa Boyz around here to balance out the sheer number of fishface players!

Firstly, it's O-R-K, not O-R-C. Get it right! We spacefaring ladz are distinguished from other greenskins by our inability to spell our own name.

Are you planning on restarting your army once the new Codex Orks comes out then? Apparently it's going to be quite 'retro' compared to the current 3rd Edition Codex... Shokk Attack Gunz, Wyrdboyz and Grot-piloted Kanz are all coming back. And we'll be getting tons more dakka than we do right now! ;D
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Default Re: Ancient Orc Boss looking forward to Chrimbo!

I restarted 40k with my kids early this year. I now have an ork army based on the current codex. I like to play it cause it is Orks( I did play warhammer as well) but I know of the other armies and felt it had some unfair points about it.
Such as the only army that can't mount most of it's troops, fast troops are elites etc
But I love some of the ideas such as Squigs and Grots as seperate wargear that affect it's characters abilities. In Orc society these lesser creatures still play a vital role. I also like the thought of snotings and grots mixed in with the army itself to give it a proper hordy feel.

And I do love playing them. Of course a friend mentioned KOS and when I saw the list I felt it was TOO STRONGE!
You dont need religion to be sh1tty to each other...but it does help!
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