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goff rockers??????
Old 25 Oct 2007, 10:30   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default goff rockers??????

i was at my local gw and i was told that one of the new ork things was a Goff rocker does any one know about them ??? ??? ??? ???
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Default Re: goff rockers??????

For some reason I highly doubt it. I don't think that they'll bring these dead models back to life.
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Default Re: goff rockers??????

If thats true it's a strange thing to do going with the current style of orc army. Orc in the old days(sigh) were more comical and tongue in cheek, despite their aggrisive nature. Goff rockerz, if I remember rightly could work the mobz into a frenzy, charged up their phsychic? state etc

This was back when Orcs looked like dayglow marine commandos or german troops etc Nowadays I do feel they reflect their own proper, unique style. I can't see that being true.

You dont need religion to be sh1tty to each other...but it does help!
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