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da fluffy stuff
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Default da fluffy stuff

Is it possible ( I already know its not likely) but is it possible for Orks to join the Greater good
just a small group of Orks

I really wanted to have fluff between my 2 armies

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Default Re: da fluffy stuff

Maybe a small force of Blood Axes would fight as mercenaries for a limited time, but it would invariably end with them fighting their employers (as it usually does=.

Orks cannot embrace the Greater Good - indeed, they are expressively mentioned in this regard in the Codex:Tau (and the Firewarrior-novel). They and the nids (apparently the Reek and the Necrons, too) are just incapable of realising that there`s something Greater and Gooder out there

Besides, basically, the Greater Good is about peace, unification and progress - all things quite alien to the Orks (note: "progress" not in terms of "building bigger guns", but in terms of "building a better society").

So, no. It wouldn`t be possible, at least imo.

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Default Re: da fluffy stuff

Orks NEED war like they need food, drink and air. The 'Greater Good' is utterly incomprehensible to them: they cannot live in a world without constant fighting, squabbling and explosions. It'd be like asking a human to join the cause of DjsaoZndghmws'sngkhyry - it's simply not something you can even begin to understand.

A warband may fight alongside the Tau on occasion if their services are paid for in large quantities of gunz and vehicles, but they will never actually become part of the Greater Good.
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