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Default Klaws?

I've been thinking aboot this lately, and I honestly can't decide. Would it be better to, in some Slugga boyz, to take a Nob with a power klaw, or use those points for more boyz. The enemies I usually face are the Tau, Imperial Guard, and the Tyranids. Any backfeed would be appreciated

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Default Re: Klaws?

I highly recomend grabbing klaws for your slugga boyz mobs. They are basically like the power fists for Space marine tactical squads - it allows the unit to deal with almost anything your enemy throws at you. 'Fex's, tanks, charahcters, and dreadnaughts are all fair game. Theres also the factor of charging a two wound monster with a klaw and with a mob behind him that can make alot of players re-think their strategy.

Yes, the extra points could be spent on some more boys, hell including twonobz in both of the minimum squads will mean you have used enough points to buy another 10 ork mob!

But orks with klaws work wonder just when you need them to. Take em whenever you you can (theres a few exceptions to this though - don't bother taking them with a slaver, or with a unit of tank bustas. Heck, i'd be tempted to not take it on a bike unit just because of the rediculous points cost)

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