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Squig vs Squiggoth
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Default Squig vs Squiggoth

So, in building my scratch build squiggoth - I've been studying their statline and trying to determine how to best use one. My conclusion is that they're really good for two things - blocking LOS and mobile missile platforms.

The problem is that their WS is very poor. In fact, technically an attack squig and a squighound both fight better than a squiggoth. My question is: why is this? It makes no sense to me. Shouldn't a elephant or dinosaur sized squig be as deadly as a carnifex? Needless to say, I'm a bit disappointed in it all. But if anyone has a good reason why this should be so - I'd love to hear it.

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Default Re: Squig vs Squiggoth

Because it`s so big, it doesn`t even notice things which are smaller than an average house, yet alone realizes that it has to fight them?

Because it`s so cumbersome and slow, that most opponents can easily dodge it`s big foot while it is descending?

Because it is so big that even a blind Tau could hit it with one hand tied on his back in the middle of the night? ;D

Reasons enough?

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Default Re: Squig vs Squiggoth

You can almost take any of the infamous "Your Momma" jokes and substitute the words "Your Sqiuggoth" in them and they'll still work.

Something that tells me that Squiggoths are in for a downgrading in the upcoming Codex but they will not be eliminated due to the Forge World models.

Best Regards,

Brunettes and Beer
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