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Any new plans?
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Default Any new plans?

With the new codex (and the rumors)

Does anyone have any new tactics or lists they are thinking?

Mine won't change a lot. I plan on using as many boyz and grots as possible.

Also thinking of adding a lot more killa khans.

What are your plans based on the rumors?
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Default Re: Any new plans?

My lisst kinda went topsy turvy to be honest.

Ive invested alot in heavy support recently: 2 battle wagons, and 2 big gunz batteries.

And with the addition of the flash gitz becoming heavy support means I have to drop one of them in favour of the unit I just spent bags of money on. Heck, If the rumours are bang on i can't use 1/3 of my flash gits unit because it total 15 orks.

Then theres the troops issue. I run a 12 mob unit of shoota boys kitted out to the max with big shootas for a total of 4. Now, if what the codex says is true, this cheap high ROF unit is going to be cut back to 2, maybe 1 (!), big shootas. Making the unit kinda pointless from where im standing - I don't want a big fat unit of 30 just to get a few more cheap shots out from the unit. The grots have just been hit over the head with the "ha!! Your not allowed that piece of fancy gear!" stick. No cover saves?? No freaking cover saves?! Whats the point of having the grots then?? Just for grot blasters. If I wanted guns the strength of my dogs fart I would played the guard.

And then we come on to the elites. How much are those cyborks going to cost me?? I just built 12 of them up with acompnying painboss and I have no idea how much they are going to cost, or even if the unit is totally legal any more!!

*sigh* theres going to be a big re-work of my entire army when this dex is released. I can already feel it.
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Default Re: Any new plans?

Truth to be told, I'm not particularly bothered about the rumoured changes. I'll be sticking to approximately the same tactic as before (Dread Bash), with a few minor modifications:

1) Currently I run mobs of 20 footsloggin' Boyz. This I'll boost up to 30... just because I can, with the decreased points cost. My former mobs of Trukk boyz will join each existing mob of 20 to make up the 30.

2) I feel inclined to take some Deth Koptas to accompany my Wartrakkz as a flanker unit as well, so I might be getting a bunch of Eldar jetbikes to loot. I'll wait till I actually see their stats in the Codex before deciding whether to do this or not, though.

3) Shootas seem to be a better option than Sluggas now (better range and more shots at the cost of 1 less Attack, but can still charge after shooting) so I may need to remodel a mob or two as shootas since my army is currently very Slugga-heavy.

4) I've aborted my 'Ardboyz project temporarily until the Codex comes out. The ones I've made so far are armed with choppas & sluggas but I may decide to give them shootas instead.

5) Yay for Weirdboyz! I'm getting a WHFB Orc Shaman and using him as Zogwort. Yes, I know Zagstrukk is probably better as a special character but the ability to turn enemy characters into squigs is just far too much fun to pass up.

6) No more Grotz. Their only purpose was to provide Cover saves anyway.

Other than that, nothing really. Since burnas can no longer be taken in regular mobs of Boyz, that'll make up a Burnaboyz unit nicely. Heavy Support is the same as before, loads of Dredz an' Kanz with the occasional Battlewagon. There is the question of the Looted Leman Russ but I could probably approximate something with the rumoured Orky VDR. Failing that, it'll do fine as a Looted Wagon.
"Beakiez? Wot beakiez?" -Big Mek Axis, absent-minded response to oiler Grot while blasting Space Marines apart
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Default Re: Any new plans?

I'm much like Axis, not a whole lot to change around and none of the rumored changes are really going to effect what I field all that much. I typically fielded 15 Shoota Boyz, which I'll continue to do because an 18"/Assault 2 weapon is perfect for Orks and my style. My extra big shootas will just get moved into other units, like Kommandos which are rumored to have 2 special weapons now. All my burnas are now just moving into the Burna squad, which I always fielded before just now with even more burnas! I never had a ton of Grots, 24 of the little guys, but I'll continue to field them the same as I do now, as a screen and a cheap assault tie-up unit.

So for me it's a pretty easy transition, and one I'm really happy with...if rumors are to be believed. I'm just holding off on "finishing" my army for the codex to see what units I'll want to add in that I don't have yet.
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