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Chariot wartrakk?
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Default Chariot wartrakk?

So, yeah, I've been toying with the idea of what to use to expand my Ork army. The new wartrukks are fabulous....incredible even. I will probably drop the cash to buy a few. But my army has a distinctly "tween" feel to it. It's not quite feral - but still has some "primitive" aspects. For example, I use a Wyrdboy and I plan on fielding some boarboyz (perhaps as bikes w/o big shootas if the new 'dex doesn't have boarboyz).

But I need some other vehicular support. I was thinking that it might be pretty cool to konvert a Orc boar chariot to have wartrakk weapons. Any thoughts? Am I just being stupid or does this seem like a nifty ideas? Any input would be welcome.

Em / Azog
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Default Re: Chariot wartrakk?

You could use a couple of Warbikes instead of Boars to haul your Wartrak. An expensive model to be sure but it would look pretty cool!

A couple of Jet engines would also be a good replacement for the typical Boar powered Chariot. Make sure that the jet wash misses the Wartrak or its' Fried Green tomato time for the Orks!!


Brunettes and Beer
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Default Re: Chariot wartrakk?

I've always toyed around with the idea of having a bunch of grots pulling a chariot for my boss, or a couple of big hamster style wheels with grots inside, keeping them going.
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