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speed freeks or boyz
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Default speed freeks or boyz

Hello! I was thinking of starting up orks soon (well...when the codex is out)

And really just thought to myself. In your opinion, Which is better? speed freeks or just a standard ork army?

Also, partly guide me in each if you could?

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Default Re: speed freeks or boyz

Lets see - foot sloggers get the advantage of having loads of models - my 2k point army will have 143 models! That alone just simply allows you to clog up your opponents actions simply by scaring the seven bells of hell out of him. It becomes a disadvantage with the Speed freaks - all of those transports and trakks and the like come at a cost.

However, as you have probably realised, speed freeks are fast. Really fast. You are looking for second turn assault almost definately - just use a bit of cover smartly, avoid some of your opponents heavy weapons and your laughing! Again, the other side of the coin is with the footsloggers - if you loose a transport in the speed freeks army its a big deal - loads of points not doing anything 'cause they are all dazed. Loose a couple of boyz, hell an entire unit, and things don't seem so bad.
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Default Re: speed freeks or boyz

It all depends on your playing style really... Like going fast? Driving around your opponent in circles shooting him in the back and sides? Want a fully mechanised army where every unit has a transport? Go Speed Freeks. Like massive hand-to-hand slugfests? Drowning your opponents under massive storms of gunfire? Want an enormous horde that will overwhelm your enemy with its sheer numbers? Go footsloggers.

Keep in mind that footsloggers will see a lot more close combat than Speed Freeks. Though the Freeks can get into HtH faster, Trukk Boyz simply don't have the numbers or durability to stay both in combat and alive for long. Your best best will usually be to drive around shooting them with your lovely twin-linked weapons.

On the other hand, footsloggers have almost no manoeuverability and are unable to respond quickly to flankers or deep strikers, so you'll have to deploy wisely and carefully because your boyz don't have the flexibility, the speed or the armour to make up for anything stupid you do. Also, an opponent who knows how to stay out of arms' reach will prove frustrating for a footslogger army.
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Default Re: speed freeks or boyz

Yep, just depends on what you prefer. Would you rather field a bunch of unwieldy vehicles or field a TON of troops that likely close to half of which will die. Just personal preference.
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Default Re: speed freeks or boyz

personally i think a footslogger army is best for necrons, my 1000 list has 33 rokkits
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