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Default Stormboyz

What do you think is the most effective use for storm boyz? And what do you think the minimum size should be for a mob? At the moment I have 10 at my disposal and I'm wondering if it would be worth it to go buy some more. Any tips, tactics, and advice is greatly appreciated.
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Default Re: Stormboyz

My experience has been this. They can be effective in a small unit when being used for counter assaults, objective grabs, or cleaning up a fleeing unit. I field only 8 of them in most games. Larger units are nice, I once fielded an 18 strong unit of them, but you still don't want to use them without support because of their cost. Just don't throw them on units like you would Sluggas and you're all set.

I give my Stormboyz frag grenades so I can optionally use them for flushing units out of cover. I run my Nob with a PK at all times because I also use these guys as secondary unit for tearing open vehicles, and that PK works wonders for that. I field them behind cover and leave them behind cover until I need them. I play my Stormboyz as my swing unit, meaning I don't commit them to anything from the start and wait to see where I need them.

That 12" move with a 6" charge lets you cover ground pretty quickly when you need them and I find leaving them alone and not moving them until I need them tends let my opponent forget about them until they're heading at him.

I love these guys but they require some finesse to get the most bang for your buck out of them.
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