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Looking for a little help
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Default Re: Looking for a little help

Originally Posted by S I L K
Originally Posted by Thor{DoH}
I'd also suggest Grots for your next addition. If you want the cheapest method then buy a box of fantasy Goblins and convert them. Think a box has 20, which is a good start on a Grot unit, then just convert one of your Sluggas to a Slaver and you're done.
Or buy a unit of gnobblars - more models for starters - and the poses look better. I'll post picks up once Im finished with my conversions.
I'd love to see them. Always looking for something new to convert. I used Goblin archers for the Grots I have now, and though not terrible, the poses are certainly lacking.
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Default Re: Looking for a little help

Speaking of lacking poses, I'd like to point out that you can use those old 1st Edition plastic Gretchin for your Grotz as well. They're OOP now but you can easily get a big batch of them for fairly cheap on Ebay. Not the best models in the world but they still beat those crappy metal Gorkamorka grotz.

And yes, I strongly recommend a unit of Grotz for your army as well - at least 25, no less. They are an absolute Godsend (well, Morksend) for any footslogging army. When playing, remember to deploy them in a long line instead of a big cluster. That way they can shield more mobz of da boyz.
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