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potential ork player
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Default potential ork player

i just played dawn of war and i found that orks kicked some major arse. so what should i know about before I start orks.

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Default Re: potential ork player

i'm a new ork player so i don't have much experience,but i do know that orks excel in combat.They have poor ballistic skills but have some great weapons,such as zapp kannons and rokkit launcher.Also gretchin mobs can be used as mobile terrain as they can shield orks!(and clear minefields!
You have to take a warboss in any army.Besides the codex list there are the rules for the various major klans such as speed freaks on the games workshop website.
I'll leave it their as i don't really have any experience!


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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: potential ork player

Hmm where should I start? Well the first thing to say is that they aren't identical to the DOW race, but the main points are the same: lots of boyz, large/fast oily smoke-belching machines and lots of axes.

Orks are are CC oriented race, and while they CAN dish out some serious shooty death, they are most effective going it mano a mano.

Unless you play a variant list such as Speed Freaks (vehicle oriented ork army) you'll be buying and building lot's of infantry models. Orks are, however, one of the easier races to build and paint. They also off a lot of scope for conversion, and I find that convincing conversions are easier with orks than with other races.

But back to gaming. Orks can be powerful if fielded correctly. That said, it is also easy to get your rear end handed to you on a silver plate if you don't know what you're doing, but this is applicable to a lot of armies.

Orks are the comedy race of 40k. If you want a hard as nails army which has great survivability and is easiest to use to get many wins, you're barking up the wrong tree. As I said, although they are powerful, orks are 40k's comedy relief (nothing quite like your looted basilisk taking an inopportune road trip or your lootas or big gun batterys blowing themselves apart).

Also, with a major revamp due for the orks (about march 08) it's a great time to get started with orks if you're a new player.

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Default Re: potential ork player


Check this link out for some reading material on the orks.
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Default Re: potential ork player

A couple points.

Firstly, Orks may be the comedy race of 40k, but they are nothing like Orcs and Gobbos from fantasy. Orcs and Gobbos from fantasy can never be played as a serious army. You roll a few dice wrong, and even if you're the better player, you WILL lose. Nothing you can do about it. It's a luck-based army.

Orks of 40k are different. Although they are comical and can have things happen, nothing is catastrophic. They can still manage to hold themselves as a serious competitive opponent. So don't let "comical" be confused with "ineffective."

Orks have a BS of 2, which means they won't hit anything. Unlike DoW, Flash Gitz are not very good in this game, and shooting is abysmal if compared to every other race (except maybe 'Nids). The only type of Ork shooty is "More Shooty." Gotta shoot a load of shots to expect to do damage!

Your boyz are tough though, despite many people saying otherwise. And you have loads of 'em!

The thing people complain about with Orks is their low survivability. Nearly everyone, on average, in the game, has better armor. Orks basically nail a toaster onto their chest and say "Ready, Boss!"

However, they're extremely fun. They're not too forgiving: A few mistakes can spell your doom. But they're very rewarding. Also, they're a "Hobby" army. When I say "Hobby" army, I mean no offense, but some armies are made with less conversion opportunity and less things of that nature. As an example, Necrons are completely "One-size-fits-all" type.

Orks, on the other hand, nail a bunch of stuff together and call it good. You can make anything out of, well, anything, just about.

Now for a couple of warnings: Orks aren't cheap. They're going to cost you a good portion of money, due to the fact there are more of them on the tabletop than your average army. They are a horde army.

Orks are very fun and if they get to CC they'll beat most armies. They have decent enough guns to make up for their abysmal ballistic skill to thus make a slightly-less-than-average ranged army.

So get ya bootz on, ya lazy git, and sharpen ya choppa. It's time for a WAAAGH!
Go Necrons! Go Orks! God my mind is weary...!
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Default Re: potential ork player

If you like speedy armies, you'll have to go Speed Freeks, as regular Orks are often infuriatingly slow. That's something important to keep in mind when you're actually playing - never hang around hugging cover like a sissy little panzee, stomp across the open and close in fast. Orks are very easy to kill thanks to their almost non-existent armour so they _will_ die in droves, whether in or out of combat. Don't worry too much about your losses. Have faith in your numbers and you'll still get a gratifying amount of green into choppa range.

That being said, Orky shooting is nothing to be sneezed at either. Orky heavy weapons have quite respectable statlines and are cheaper than most so make sure you have loads of them. Concentrate your fire on a small number of targets and when you start hitting, nothing will survive.

As the Codex stands now (dunno about the 2008 version) there are some Ork units which are frighteningly reliable and effective, some which are highly unpredictable and mostly useless, and some which are a bit of both. If you're playing competitively, stay away from the ones in the middle category such as Lootas or Flash Gitz! All Orky units are a lot of fun on the battlefield though so if you're just looking to play around, go ahead and take them.

One more thing to remember is that not every Ork unit needs to be ded killy to be effective. There are such things as Gretchin mobs or Meks with kustom force fields who will do practically no damage to the enemy, and yet you'll be grateful to them time and time again. Don't overlook some handy protection just for a couple of shiny big shootas!

That's about all I have to say at the moment. Welcome to da greenest, meanest an' bestest race in the galaxy... now let'z go stomp some humiez!!
"Beakiez? Wot beakiez?" -Big Mek Axis, absent-minded response to oiler Grot while blasting Space Marines apart
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Default Re: potential ork player

Listen to Axis as he has given the best advice.

pS: I beg to differ Dakka Dakka...orks are extremely forgiving and flash gits are actually better than a BS 3 model.
Orks are just as expensive as anyother army, considering you get more in a box than space marines do for the same price.
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Default Re: potential ork player

Three facts about Orks:

1. Even your regular Slugga Boy pwns Marines. Orks are great in close combat, you need to get them there, unless you're playing a shooty list. Slugga Boyz have 4 attacks on the charge, so... Do the math, with Weapon skill 4 and potential Initiative of 4, they're great.
2. Shooting is extra, not the core of your army. You only shoot to soften the enemy for the charge of your boyz, not to annihilate entire squads! Don't worry about lousy Ballistic skill and poor weapons. Actually, some Ork weapons are rather nice. Take a look at big shoota. This gorgeous machine gun has the range and Strenght of a Heavy bolter and can shoot the same amount of shots per turn AND it's an Assault weapon so you can fire it the whole range even after moving. Yes, it has worse AP but I think it's worth it.
3. Orks are the most kustomizable army in the game. You have clan lists, endless conversion opportunities, looted vehicles and weapons... A wide variety for both the player and painter.


Great site for all DE stuff.
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Default Re: potential ork player

sorry guys I forgot about my current armies but after SM and Eldar and then the orks comith

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Default Re: potential ork player

If you play orks do speed Freeks much faster for \Krumpin things.

Originally Posted by DakkaDakkaDude
Orks basically nail a toaster onto their chest and say "Ready, Boss!"

Originally Posted by Minako
The female race really is disgusting.

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