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'Ere we go- Nostalgia
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Kroot Shaper
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Default 'Ere we go- Nostalgia

Been readin my old and very worn copy of 'Ere we go. It is such an awesome book. Was the first book to to really fuel my interest in Rouge Trader and got me started collecting Orks.

Who even remembers it?

Do you think it's fluff/background was better than the current stuff? Was it boring or as awesome as i think it is? Too silly? Deep and involving?

How about the rules? Those miles of charts and tables for everything? Too complicated? Fun? Added depth?

i'm just interested to here other peoples thoughts really.

If you don't own a copy and/or have never read it, i must suggest you race over to e-bay and but yourself one! It's a must read for Ork players in my humble opinion.

Question for mods (or anyone who knows the rules properly); Am i allowed to post short excerpts from 'Ere we go? I'm thinking mainly fluff.
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Default Re: 'Ere we go- Nostalgia

Short passages from "Ere We Go Waaaagh Orks' are okay to use as long as they are attributed and don't excede a paragragh in length.

Paul Bonner had the best Ork artwork in Ere We Go, bar none. The little flat Grot heads were very funny. Nobody could draw a Mek like Bonner. I always loved the Ork smoking pipes.


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