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Old 04 Nov 2006, 23:47   #1 (permalink)
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Default cityfight

My friend and i are building a cityfight board, and when i play on it i was wondering what stratagems to use along as how to change my army list. The board will have a river that my boyz will have to cross to get to the enemy which has three bridges over it.There is also a pretty good road network that you can get pretty much anywhere on the board . My army list usually looks something like this

Warboss pk eavy armor bounce cybork body big hors choppa
stuck in the burna boyz squad

Painboss 9 cyborks mounted in a truck

19 slugga boys+nob pk choppa
behind all the grots

25/30 grots slaver squig
These guys should be helpfull with there abilities to help da boyz over the difficult terrain.

9 burna boyz 4 burnas+mek kff choppa
I think ill put these in the sewers along with the warboss that joins the squad

19 skarboyz+nob pk choppa
usually stuck in the battelwagon for some added mobility

Fast attack
3 rokit buggies
these always make there points back because i play a imperial guard player a lot

4 bikes
extremely effective against IG

Heavy Support
looted leman russ/ or basilisk
to provide some very much needed fire support

battelwagon three rokits or 2 big shootas and a kannon
carries the skarboyz

3 killa kans armor plates

around 1500 points

So I'm wondering wether i should still have the battelwagon and looted veachile. I was thinking about takin out the battelwagon and replacing it with some grots ans some lobbas. What other stratagem should I choose other than sewer rats and if i get two more other then sewer rats what should I use then as well. Any other things you think needs changing I am open to. All helpfull comments are appreciated.
Thank you

I hope this isnt supposed to be on the army lists board sorry if it is.
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Old 14 Nov 2006, 13:17   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: cityfight

Looted Hellhounds are nasty in City Fight. You may want to give that one a try.

Your list seems pretty solid Gorloth. The Warboss and Burna Boy Combo as Sewer Rats sounds interesting.

The good road network that you mention seems to make the Battlewagon a good add for this game.

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Default Re: cityfight

It is in cityfights Orks really thrive.
A lot of stuff to hide behind, until it is the time to enter WAAAGH!
Sewer rats are magnificent for Ork armies in general.
My worries are that you might have too few bodies, and vehicles takes
the risk of Dangerous Terrain, in cityfights.
You should be careful with buggies/trak and bikes.
Perhaps exchange one squad for more slugga boyz.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: cityfight

I recommend using lobbas.I've seen people's expressions go to this ???,to this , and then this >. Also try to set yourself up so people can deepstrike you. But it works on noobs only. Be warned that this plan won't always work, though!
What you lookin' at!
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