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Couple of quick questions
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Default Couple of quick questions

hey all, gonna start a new army this weekend and i am thinking about starting an Ork horde.

The things i need to know are:

1. Is it worth starting an Ork army at this time? My understanding is Orks may be getting a new codex shortly.

2. Can i use marine razorbacks {with some conversions of course} as Trucks? I only wanna know this because i really dislike the current range of Ork vechiles out at this time.

3. What are your prefered clans and why?

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Default Re: Couple of quick questions

The Rumor Mill has a new Ork Codex coming out about this time next year. Since new Kommado models are being released in the next couple of weeks at Stateside, Games Workshop's Battle Bunkers, I would lend credence to the rumors. Purportedly, Orks will have things along the lines of Imperial Guard Doctrines. It's all speculation, however.

The great thing about Orks is that you can loot almost any model and use it as whatever Ork Vehicle you want. I've seen Tau Piranhas used as Wartraks, Eldar Vehicles turned upside down (with treads on the bottom, I mean top..) and converted 1/35th scale Tamiya models. All of them looked great!

In regards to Clan preference, I tend to go Footsloggin' Goff. Yes, running one is an admitted rarity in 40K circles. In the 65 strong Gaming League I belong to, there are exactly two of us running Ork Footsloggers. Evil Suns, Blood Axes and Bad Moon armies seem to be more popular. That's probably because of all the extra fast and heavy vehicles that they can take.

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Default Re: Couple of quick questions

I think it's definately worth it to take up an Ork army right now it's a very fun list. The changes probably won't be big ones anyway and it's easy to hack up and convert existing models if you need to change things over to the new codex.

Honestly clans aren't necassary, the regular Orks list lets you have everything you want to make a balanced list with tons of character - you can have units of all different clans working together under one banner in a freebooters list. Only take a clan if you want a specific theme or if you really want to bulk up on one type of unit.
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