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Orks with tau allies (or tau with ork allies)
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Default Orks with tau allies (or tau with ork allies)

Ok so I have played tau for a bit and a picked up the ork codex today and I decided to ally them with my tau, I have 1 commander farsight, shadow sun etheral and a cadre fire blade, two commanders, 4 fire warrior teams, two kroot teams, 8 devilfish, 3 crisis teams, two stealth teams, 2 riptides, 4 pathfinder teams, 1 vespid stingwing teams, 2 piranhas teams, 1 sun shark bomber, 3 broadside teams, 3 hammerheads, 3 sky rays, 1 sniper drone team, and aun'shi. So what orks should I get and what tau should I put in (p.s by teams I mean full teams like a team of fire warriors are 12 models)
I'Z FIRING MA LAZER!!! for the greater good of course


tau- 1500 points
dark angels - 1000 points
Orks 500 points

soon to be started
blood angels
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You definitely know more about tau than mw. That being said, orks are simple- just get a warboss with power klaw, choppa/slagga boys in large groups (with nob and bosspole) and nob groups. That should cover your bases for assaulting, and tau do everything else.
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Tau are good at long range, Orks are good at assault and melee (Excuse me if I'm wrong I only have limited Ork knowledge)
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