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Warboss neds Kommando taktikz!
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Default Warboss neds Kommando taktikz!

Hello. I need some help on how to play Kommandos' in terms of whats the best location to infiltrate based on current situations and what their pros and cons are.

I have four Kommandos, 2 with Sluggas and Choppas and 2 with Big Shootas. They are led by a Nob.
Also, is Boss Snikrot worth his points?
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Snikrot is the best character in the Ork Codex, get him.

Get rid of the big shootas in the kommando unit, burnas are better or just use standard choppa slugga kommandos for assaulting.

With snikrot in the list always outflank them you can choose any edge you want this offers insane flexibility and is 100% threatening to your opponent on all sides specially if the kommando mob is large (12 - 15)

Infiltrate only if you are running a Nob and the position has significant tactical value/cover otherwise stick to outflanking to keep your enemy off the edges. Make sure to give the nob a power klaw
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