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Can Openaars 1000pts
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Can Openaars 1000pts

Seems about 75% of armies that i face are MEQ's. i dont think this list would be tournament competative but its a nice balance between a take all comers list and a full anti-MEQ.

1x Biker Boss w/ PK 125pts

1x Big Mek w/ PK & KFF & Cybork body 120pts

3x Biker Nobs w/ 3 PKs 210pts

6x Burna Boys w/ 1 Mek 90pts

3x Warbikers w/ Nob w/ PK 110pts

11x Slugga Boys w/ Nob w/ PK & Trukk w/Armour plates 146pt

13 Slugga Boys w/ Nob w/ Big Choppa 96pts

1x Battlewagon w/ Armour plates & Red paint 105pts

So plan is mob Biker Boss w/ warbikerz (They will draw fire away from the Nob bikerz)
Big Mek, Burna's and 13 Member Boys group Mob up and mount in battlewagon
Trukk will stay in range of Wagon w/ KFF

Waaaaaaaagh !
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Kroot Shaper
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well i play guard infantry with a mix of 2 or 3 tanks, and my one freind plays orks he uses deffkoptas and somehow always manages to move around and get side armour and pops the leman russ side armour of 13 first shot.
every FRAKING TIME. its a real ball buster,
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