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New to the WAAAAAAAGH!
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Exclamation New to the WAAAAAAAGH!

heya guys im just starting orks from blood angels and i wanted a massive ork swarm army with loads of boyz i want them to be able to charge in not caring about how many die as long as there is enough boyz left over to kill everything left. I like converting stuff and will try to upload some pictures when i find my camera i am quit good at it and i want to be able to go free with the modelling. I havent got any idea about a list yet but i always write my lists for 1000 points then add what i need when i need it.(My blood angels ended up at 17000 points ish) I came here looking for some help with my first list, because i dont actually know what to do with orks. If any of you could help me that would be much appreciated thanks
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