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2000 point Semi Dreadbash list
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Default 2000 point Semi Dreadbash list

This is basically all-comers list. I've been trying to decide if I wanted to do a full Dreadbash list (would you say they very competitive?) or an all out shooty kind of list so here is my shot at some kind of hybrid

Big Mek w/ SAG = 95
Big Mek w/ KFF = 85

Lootas x 10 = 150
Lootas x 9 = 135
Kommandos x 13 w/ Burnas x 2 + Snikrot = 245

Shoota Boyz x 29 + Nob w/ BP, PK = 220
Shoota Boyz x 29 + Nob w/ BP, PK = 220
Shoota Boyz x 29 + Nob w/ BP, PK = 220
Gretchin x 15 + Runtherd = 55
Deff Dread w/ DCCW x 3, Scorcha GR, AP = 110

Fast Attack
Deffkopta w/ TL Rokkits x 2 = 45
Deffkopta w/ TL Rokkits x 2 = 45

Heavy Support
Killa Kans x 3 w/ Grotzookas x 3 = 135
Killa Kans x 3 w/ Grotzookas x 3 = 135
Looted Wagon w/ Boomgun = 105

2000 points

Im somewhat worried about only having four scoring units, especially since one of them is gretchin that probably wont last. Im also wondering if I have too much invested in my kommandos squad although I have had great success with them in the past. Do you think the looted wagon and the kans won't mix well? I feel like this list is pretty decent at dealing with everything, but because of that I'm worried that it won't be really good at anything. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated.
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