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Nomadic looty hybrid list
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Default Nomadic looty hybrid list

After a hiatus from 40k shortly after 4th ed came out, I've been toying around with starting to play orks again. I used to play KoS (when they had their own awesome army list), but I really like the deathskulls colors and iconography (and love the loota models), so I've crafted a sort of hybrid speedy list (nomadic looters so to speak). I am definitely trying to go for flavor with the list as evident by the tankbustaz riding around in one of their orkified kills (helps the list feel more looty together with the lootaz, scavenging grots, and the mek). I figure that the warboss and his nobs speed around the battlefield and dish out damage, claiming the best loot for themselves (they got there first), while the boys try their best to keep up. Looty tribes of orks probably have a lot of meks to slap things together so why not stick a crazy one on a dethkopta in order to survey the battlefield for the best loot (and cut it up to get at it).


Warboss + bike + power klaw + attack squig {joins nob bikers} = 140 pts
Big Mek + shokk attack gun + eavy armor {hides with grots} = 100 pts


13 Lootaz {hang out with grots and big mek} = 195 pts
12 Tankbustaz {ride around in looted wagon shooting things} = 180 pts


3 Nobs + painboy upgrade + bikes = 165 pts
Deff Dred + close combat weapon + skorcha = 90 pts
14 Grots + Runtherd + Grot Prod = 57 pts
12 Boys + big shoota + nob + eavy armor + power klaw + trukk = 152 pts
12 Boys + big shoota + nob + eavy armor + power klaw + trukk = 152 pts
12 Boys + big shoota + nob + eavy armor + power klaw + trukk = 152 pts

Fast Attack

1 Dethkopta + Buzzsaw = 60 pts

Heavy Support

Looted Wagon + 2 rokkit launchaz = 55 pts


1498 pts

Comments and crits welcome as I would love to fine-tune this list. Things I'm considering: sticking riggers on the dred at the cost of removing grots, maybe removing big shootas from the boys mobs in order to have points for cooler wargeer/upgrades elsewhere in the list.

As you can see from the list, I filled up all my troops selections, so plenty of scoring units. I have long range anti-infantry support in the form of lootaz and the shokk attack gun, mobile AV from mounted tankbustaz, and a few boyz mobs for getting the job done. The warboss and nobs bikers form a tough, fast, and hard-hitting unit while the deffkopta speeds around providing even more mobile chaos/distraction for the enemy. The deff dred is there to be stompy and killy where it is needed on the battlefield, and grots for being grots (and covering the shooty parts of my army from enemy advances).
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