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Orks 750 Pt. Vs. Nids
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Orks 750 Pt. Vs. Nids

My friend is a power player, and the new nid codex doesn't help my chances with him. He uses a trygon prime, a mawloc, at least 30 hormagaunts, and I'm not sure what the rest is. But here's what I can think of for my first encounter with new nids.

Old Zogwart 145 Pts

10 Lootas 150 Pts

30 Boys 220 Pts
-Nob w/ BP, PK
20 Boys 120

Heavy Support
Looted Wagon 105
- Boomgun

My approach to this is that I can't beat him in melee, and my ranged weaponry isn't accurate enough to be reliable. So Lootas will try to mow them down, and boomgun will at least hit something. The plan is to stick Zogwart in the boy squad, or even by himself, and curse the Trygon Prime into a squig where I can kill it. So it's basically curse him out
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Default Re: Orks 750 Pt. Vs. Nids

Sorry but I don't think the Trygon Prime is an IC, so I don't think Zogworts ability will work on him.

Also, use you boys as Shoota boys, that many shots, should make up for ork BS2.

I really like Looted wagons, and in this game it should be great!

The only problem is, watch out for the Mawloc, it will slaughter you if it DS onto your ork boys.

Also, make sure he is using the hormaguants in 2 squads otherwise it isn't a legal army.

Good Luck!

- Will
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Old 01 Jul 2010, 16:50   #3 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
Join Date: Oct 2009
Posts: 37
Default Re: Orks 750 Pt. Vs. Nids

Damn I didn't realize Curse only worked on Independent Characters, thank you. Well, I hope I can win too
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