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2000 point Battlewagon Orks
Old 28 Jun 2010, 03:30   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default 2000 point Battlewagon Orks

Ok, so heres my first attempt at a Wagon list. Well not the first, but the best I think.

Warboss-Bike,PK,attack squig,cybork body
Big Mek-KFF

15 Lootas
15 Lootas
15 Tankbustas-Nob,bosspole,2 tankhammers,3 attack squigs

20 Shootas-Nob,PK,bosspole
20 Shootas-Nob,PK,bosspole
5 Nob Bikers-painboy,cybork bodies,waaagh! banner,PK,big choppa,bosspole

Battlewagons-boardin planks,grabbin klaw,armor plates,big shoota,deffrolla
Battlewagons-boardin planks,grabbin klaw,armor plates,big shoota,deffrolla
Battlewagons-boardin planks,grabbin klaw,armor plates,big shoota,deffrolla

So its pretty simple, the Bikers and the boss will boosts around and distract fire (and assult eventually) while the wagons advance. With all thos lootas and the tankbustas, I think I can diembark people from their transports fairly reliably.

What do you think?
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Default Re: 2000 point Battlewagon Orks

In my opinion, your Nobs are too little for 2k games, Thor and Zambia can have their say in it otherwise. Another thing to bear in mind is to have Kombi-skorcha too, I love that thing, and also wound allocation.

I don't think you need all those gubbins on those Battlewagons, I'm ok with the plank but not the klaw. You can however take one of the battlewagon and up it up to a Killwagon (Killkannon) and have 12 Tankbustas in it. Moving 6" while firing out of the transport with a S7 ordnance is pretty killy.

Unfortunately another thing I kinda realize is you're really lacking boyz. 40 won't do you any good in 2k games but that's also my experience.

Last thing, if you can, maybe you oughta invest in deffrollas. They're really good.
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Default Re: 2000 point Battlewagon Orks

I think you should make one of the shootas slugga boyz. Charging out with 19 boyz and a power klaw is much more effective than shooting. Also, with deffrolla's you're going to be barreling forward, so you'd rarely shoot.

I agree w/ dobb. Make one or two of them shooting using killkannons or what not. Then make the remaining filled with boyz and nobz. Also, take off the grabba sticks and boarding planks, they are a big waste of points. Extra armor is good, and consider taking grot riggers for the deffrolla Battlewagons. For 5 points, you have a 50% of fixing your battlewagon. It's like a built in Techmarine team!!
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