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New to the Waaagh, first 1k list attempt
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Default New to the Waaagh, first 1k list attempt

Hello all!

Just starting an Ork army (don't own a single green-skin yet!). I've perused the codex and put together what I think will be a fun 1k pts list for casual play. I'd love to hear any feedback from people who have actually played a match with the Orks and speculation from those who haven't is fine too. Here's the list:

Big Mek (KFF + PK) = 110
Big Mek (KFF) = 85

60x Boys w/ Shootas = 360 Note: 3mobs x 20boys OR 2mobs x 30boys
Deffdread w/ DCCW + Skorcha = 95

11x Tankbustas (2 w/ Tankhammers) + Nob with Bosspole = 180

3x Killa Kans w/ Grotzookas = 135 pts
1x Looted Wagon = 35pts

TOTAL = 1000 pts

Additional Comments: Tankbustas go in the looted wagon (and I'm considering losing 1 of them so I can put the Big Mek in with 'em for the KFF save) which is why it has no weapons. 60 footslogging boys at 1000 points seems like enough to me, rationale as follows. Boys can overwhelm MEQs (hopefully) while Grotzookas are the anti-horde. Deffdread exists as a stubborn objective taker and to tear into any rushing anythings. TEQs could be trouble but I don't know how to deal with them anyway.
Should I replace the Tankbustas with equivalent numbers of Lootas? Perhaps something else...

All comments are welcome! Thanks in advance!

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Default Re: New to the Waaagh, first 1k list attempt

Not bad for a first list.

I would keep the tankbustas for the sole reason that they are your ONLY anti tank until your walkers get into combat with vehicles, and your big mek gets to one too.

I would however consider getting rid of the tankhammers for this reason. If you are in a wagon with a big mek you are a shooty unit - you will want all the rokkits you can get out of the squad. If they were assaulting then the big mek is a waste. Putting a power klaw on the big mek is a waste of points if he was in the tankbustas too, so for that reason either drop the mek or the tankhammers. Just my opinion.

Really the thing with orks, much like other armies but perhaps to a greater extent - is to find what works for you. Some players use 10 grots in every game, and they kill more then their value every game. Other players take flash gitz in any points limit and do well. it all comes down to what is good for your playstyle.

EDIT: In future though, post army lists in the army list boards A moderator will move it in the next few hours this time, but please take note of that in the future.

Lord Zambia
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Ah, that's a shame. It's kind of funny, because I'd imagine that running headfirst into a force field would pretty much ruin your initiative.
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Why not take over France? You could do it with a pistol, which in doing would make you the most armed man in the country.
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Default Re: New to the Waaagh, first 1k list attempt

Welcome to the horde. I saw your post in the General 40k subforum, and I have to say I was going to tell you to go Orks, though Chaos is the other army I'd start if I wanted a 4th one.

First were all here to help out on the Ork boards, and you'll find we a good bunch of guys, except Thor (he just quit smoking). When you picture your Waaagh what comes to mind, is there a particular clan you like more, do you like vehicles/walkers/tons of boyz, any good at converting or wanna give it a shot?

Until I know that I can't give in depth advice, but a couple of things stand out in your list now.

The 85 point KFF big mek is a staple in most Ork lists. He's good and cheap and helps your boyz and toyz survive. I wouldn't ever put a weapon on one though. You don't want him fighting in close combat, since he can be singled out and he's not that great of a fighter. You probably don't need two in 1000 points either.

Go with three groups of 20. To me 30 is just too hard to deal with, they get slowed down by terrain, are hard to deploy, and many times a bunch will be out of range for shooting/close combat. Plus with groups of 20 you get three scoring units instead of 2. Big thing though, get a nob with a bosspole and a pk or big choppa.

Dreads can't score because they are walkers, but are a good choice and the new model is great.

Tankbustas are very nice. I only take 10 because they are so expensive. I bought some bomm squigs but haven't tried them out yet. The tankhammer is a great weapon for wounding monstrous creatures or popping tanks.

Zookakans are the best. I love them and pretty much always take at least 2. You can probably drop 1 in a 1000 points though and still be safe. Run first turn and then second turn those grotzookas will decimate anything that walks, including your buddie's Space Marines. I killed 9 of 10 guys in a squad once with three kans.

Your wagon needs a ram, a weapon (I use a big shoota), and red paint if you can afford it. With the tankbustas in here that extra inch helps, so you can go 7" and still fire.

Overall: I think you need one or two fast units to keep that looted wagon alive. Right now its got a huge "blow me up" sign on it. Get a pair of deffkoptas, a trukk, or some buggies to take the pressure off it. Any other questions just ask.
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Default Re: New to the Waaagh, first 1k list attempt

I get either Koptas, Trukker Nobz and Warboss. 2 KFFs is kinda overkill and pointless unless you're flanking left and right.
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Default Re: New to the Waaagh, first 1k list attempt

My suggestion would be to drop one KFF mek for a SAG mek. They can be devastating in lower points games and don't cost much more.
If you do decide to drop the tankbustas for Lootas then a SAG mek with a bosspole would be useful for stopping them fleeing the table after a bit of shooting.

In terms of boyz, I use one mob of 20 and 2 mobs of 30 so I can tell you that the 20 mobs are much easier to maneuvre and if you're charging with all 60 boyz at once towards a gunline, if your enemies decide to concentrate their fire towards one unit then you are more likely to walk away with more boyz than if they concentrated on 30 boyz. If they split their fire then splitting into 3 units means you won't lose much from each mob.
It really depends on what you'll use them for.

Anyway, good luck with the list and welcome to da WAAAGH!
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Default Re: New to the Waaagh, first 1k list attempt

I found Nobz very good Elites to use. 3 attacks and 2 wound make them hard to kill. Harder still is having Ghazzkull with them and put them in wagon and rush the enemy. Battlewagon front armor can take pretty much anything they throw at it so you get good chance to make it near enouhg and disembark and use Prophet of the Waaagh Special rule.
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Default Re: New to the Waaagh, first 1k list attempt

Your list is actually quite focused, good job. As others have said you should only need one KFF mek at this point level. I'd only take 2 if your using like 9 kans. Tankbustas aren't a bad choice, but Lootas are generally better. Deff Dreads are the same way. Not neccesarily bad, but I think Kans are better.

Grotzookas are good, I like Rokkits but I fight a lot of vehicles so thats just me.
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