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1,750 Tournament List v2.0
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Default 1,750 Tournament List v2.0

After having done some play testing with my tournament list I found I was having some problems. The bigger problem I had been having was dealing with armor at range. The second problem was dealing with the likes of Space Wolves, a tough assault army all around. I just lacked the bodies to throw at the puppies and come out on top. With those in mind here's my revised list for the tournament this Saturday. Unfortunately I won't get a chance to play test it so I need to make sure I'm not missing something.

* Big Mek w/KFF, choppa, 'eavy armor = 90

* Kommandos x 10 w/rokkits x 2
- Nob w/big choppa, 'eavy armor, bosspole
= 145

* Nobz x 7 (Big Mek here)
- Nob w/slugga, choppa, bosspole, 'eavy armor, cybork
- Nob w/slugga, choppa, Waaagh! banner, 'eavy armor, cybork
- Nob w/slugga, choppa, 'eavy armor, cybork
- Nob w/big choppa, slugga, 'eavy armor, cybork
- Nob w/big choppa, slugga, 'eavy armor, cybork
- Nob w/PK, slugga, 'eavy armor, cybork
- Painboy w/'urty syringe, 'eavy armor, cybork
- Battlewagon w/ram, big shoota, boarding plank, armor plates
= 410

* Slugga Boyz x 12 w/big shoota x 1
- Nob w/PK, bosspole, 'eavy armor
- Trukk w/big shoota, ram, boarding plank
= 167

* Slugga Boyz x 12 w/big shoota x 1
- Nob w/big choppa, bosspole, 'eavy armor
- Trukk w/big shoota, ram
= 142

* 'ard Boyz x 12 w/slugga & choppa, big shoota x 1
- Nob w/PK, 'eavy armor, bosspole
- Trukk w/big shoota, ram, boarding plank
= 210

* Shoota Boyz x 20 w/rokkits x 2
- Nob w/shoota, bosspole, 'eavy armor
- Trukk w/big shoota, ram
= 160

* Grots x 11
- Slaver w/grabba stikk
= 43

Fast Attack
* Deffkoptas x 3 w/TL-rokkits x 3, buzzsaw x 1 = 160

Heavy Support
* Kannons x 3 w/ammo runts x 2, extra krew x 2
- Slaver
= 82

*Killa Kans x 3 w/grotzookas x 2, rokkit x 1 = 140

List Total: 1,749

I won't bother listing the changes from my previous list, doesn't matter, what matters is if this list is viable. This gets me up to around 100 models, which seems reasonable for a mostly fast list. Bah, I'll save on the lengthy explanation of each unit's intended use. I will say the Koptas sole use is to bust something up first turn, so there is only 3 of them to try and make sure one rokkit sticks and if not I have the buzzsaw. Think everything else is pretty self-explantory.
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Default Re: 1,750 Tournament List v2.0

Just the same irritation for me here, those blasted grots, but apart from that its a nice list.

Just one thing, ever thought of armour plates on your trukks? I belive it will enhance that trouble with the trukk when it just stops for a turn just because of being open-topped?

Its a thought, but at least you will have less chance of the trukk stopping.

EDIT: I just spotted you have 20 orks in a trukk, you can't do that or is there something that allows 8 of the orks to footslog next to it? I doubt it but there we go.
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Default Re: 1,750 Tournament List v2.0

I love my Grots! Eh, they're a cheap troop choice and do their job most of the time. I'd go larger with them, or even pick up a different troop choice, if I had the points for it. Just hate to go below 5 troops in a list this size.

I'd considered plates on the trukks, and could find the points, but eh. I can hide 2 behind my BW, which I do, and the other trukk I plan to hide behind Kans. So most of the time they aren't being shot at and if they are I do at least have the KFF. The plates would add a third level of protection, which is nice, but I don't quite see it as needed. I did however add plates onto the BW in this list. I figure since it's the one drawing fire and has the KFF that I best make sure it's always moving.

UPDATE: Well, today is the big day where I find out if my tweaks were for the best or if they'll bite me in the ass. I'd like to think the former but I'll find out soon enough. I'll give a run down of how the tourney went later on since I've had lots of people helping me work out the list for the past few weeks. I won't do a full blown battle report though, won't have the time or the capacity to recall exactly how three two-hour games went down.
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