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My first ork list! 1500
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Default My first ork list! 1500

Hey guys, this is the first solid ork list I have started to build up since I started with my orks, it is currently sitting on 1433 points and I was wondering if I could get any tips and pointers on what to add or take away:

Warboss, PK, 'EA = 80 Points

20x Ork boyz, 2x BS, 1 Nob, BP = 145
10x Ork boyz, 1x BS, 1 Nob, BP = 80
20x Grot, 2 RH, GP = 90
10x Grot, 1 RH, GP = 45
Trukk, RR = 40

19x Stormboyz = 228
Boss Zagstruk = 85
5x Deffkoptas, 2x Buzzsaw = 225

5x Nobz 100
5x Lootas 75

Battlewagon, KK, R/R, 'Ard Case, Armour plates, Kannon = 190
2x Killa Kanz, Grotzooka = 90

The idea was to fill the limited spots left of the Battlewagon with the 5 lootas and squeeze as much "shooty" options out of it, the Trukk would be filled with the Nobz to try and get into the enemy as fast as possible. I have always liked the idea of gretchins but I found out after a game or 2 that only having a small amount isn't helpful at all so by having a wall of them infront of boyz it will provide them with the cover save against armies that would mow my boyz down before they got to their lines. I feel that no stormboy squad is complete without Zagstruk and that he would be a great addition to the squad. So anyway all your comments and tips will be greatly appreciated, ty for reading.
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Default Re: My first ork list! 1500

id combine both the boyz mob and gretchin mob that way there are 30 in each - hard to take down and HEAPS of close combat attacks. Also means they stay fearless for longer.

Also, are ur nobz from the assault on black reach set is that why no power klaws or kombis? if so its ok just wondering.

also add bosspoles - read these up in the codex HEAPS GOOD.
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4 lightening claws LMAO. wouldn't the inquisition get involved?
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Ah, that's a shame. It's kind of funny, because I'd imagine that running headfirst into a force field would pretty much ruin your initiative.
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Why not take over France? You could do it with a pistol, which in doing would make you the most armed man in the country.
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Default Re: My first ork list! 1500

Yeah the Warboss was going to stay with the boyz/gretchin it gives him nice cover means I don't have to spend points on things like mega armor. And yeah I guess the reason why I have gone with things like 5 defftkoptas and the orks minus the power klaws is because a friend of mine and myself each bought Assault on black reach except I took all the orks and he took all the marines. Also all of the Nobz that are attached to the squads of boyz all have boss poles but you are talking about upgrading the 5 nobz on their own with the boss poles? anyway, ty for the tips
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Default Re: My first ork list! 1500

I'd say... combine the boyz
switch the grots into two mobs of 15. if they're being used as cover saves, they don't need the excelleent fighters of the runtherds, you save 15 pts for use on a bosspole for your Warboss (put him wiv da nobs, and make them troops choices while you're at it) and anything else that takes your fancy. or for a waagh! banner to give your nobs (definitely put them as troops and in da rukk wiv da warboss).
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